Varisu 2023 Tamil Movie Review: Vijay returns to his throwback ‘90s self in this familiar emotional entertainer 

You are currently viewing Varisu 2023 Tamil Movie Review: Vijay returns to his throwback ‘90s self in this familiar emotional entertainer 

Varisu 2023 Tamil Movie Review

Director: Vamshi Paidipally 

Music: Thaman S.S 

Cast: Thalapathy Vijay, Rashmika, Sarathkumar, Srikanth, Shaam,  Prabhu, Prakash Raj 

Streaming: Theater 


Vijay Rajendran is a happy-go-lucky man, but everything changes after he learns about his father’s illness and decides to take over his father’s business.  

Varisu 2023 Tamil Movie Review

In the last few years, I have realized one thing: There are few actors, who have the ability to bring audiences of all ages to the theatres. While most people prefer to watch a movie with their friends or on dates, a select few walk in with their parents, sometimes even grandparents.

In recent times, one name will be Top of the chart is “Thalapathy Vijay”. If you look into his box office chart, he is a minimum guaranty actor in the whole of India. Even if his films get mixed talk or negative, he can pull the audience into the theater and recovers  95% of the share – which we saw recently in #BEAST.

Many big stars in India saw the biggest disasters in their career in 2022 like Achariya, Circus, Ram Setu, Thank God, Samrat Prithviraj,  Monster, Radhe Shyam (Pan Indian Star), Liger, etc… 

After some disappointments from #BEAST, now Vijay comes with another film for this Pongal 2023 with Varisu. Family Entertainment is Vijay’s strongest zone from the ’90s. Varisu is directed by Vamshi (Director of Maharshi, Oopiri, Yevadu, Brindavanam, and Munna),  this is his first Tamil film. There were mixed reactions to Vamshi because of Telugu flavor movies. So, let’s see how Vamshi delivered. 

How is Varisu? 

The film begins with Prakash Raj (Antagonist) who is trying to win over his enemy Rajendran Palanisamy (Sarathkumar) for the last 30 years. Rajendran’s big pillars are Jai (Srikanth), and Ajay (Shaam). Jai and Ajay are fighting each other for the throne.

Jai is cheating on his wife, and Ajay borrowed 400 crores for business. Rajendran never talk about his third son, Vijay Rajendran because he refused to join the family business, deciding to launch a food delivery startup instead.

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Later, Rajendran was diagnosed with advanced-stage pancreatic cancer and he has only a few more months to live. He decides to reveal his terminal condition and make one of his two elder sons, Jai Rajendran or Ajay Rajendran, the CEO of the company, before his impending death.

With this in mind, Rajendran plans to celebrate his 65th birthday in a grand manner, with the intention of announcing both matters during the celebration. Vijay is also invited at the behest of his mother, Sudha. Vijay arrives only to find his house in disarray.

Varisu 2023 Tamil Movie Review
Varisu 2023 Tamil Movie Review

Jai is cheating on his wife, Aarthi, with another woman and is neglecting his family, including his teenage daughter, Ria. Ajay is secretly working for Jayaprakash “JP”, Rajendran’s business rival,  for monetary gain. The two elder brothers themselves do not speak with each other and constantly fight for being their father’s successor. 

During Rajendran’s birthday celebration, Jayaprakash and his associate, Mukesh, reveal the duplicity of Jai and Ajay, which distraught the entire family, particularly Aarthi, who decides to file for divorce, and Rajendran, who has lost a business deal due to Ajay’s duplicity.

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Realizing that he can not rely on his elder sons to run his business empire, Rajendran reaches out to Vijay, who initially refuses, but agrees to take over the business and company after learning about Rajendran’s illness.

Jai and Ajay, in jealousy and dismay, leave the house and instead, plot with JP to get rid of Vijay as the CEO. How Vijay thwarts the plan of the trio and manages to reunite his family forms the crux of the story. 

Varisu 2023 Tamil Movie Review
Varisu 2023 Tamil Movie Review

Vijay is the biggest strength of Varisu. His comic timing, Screen presences, Action Blocks, Emotional Scenes, and Dance are major highlights of Varisu. His comedy with Yogi babu is a joyride. Vijay is younger and brought his 90’s vibe.

When I watched the film, I felt the Ghilli, Pokkiri, Sachin, and Kavalan type of Vijay Vibe. Throughout Vijay maintained his character style and attitude. First half is class + comedy + emotion but second half is mass + class +  comedy + emotion = 100% Family Entertainment 

After Vijay, Sarthkumar and Jayasudha are other pillars of the film.  First time I’m seeing Sarathkumar sir in full emotion-filled character.  Most of the time his eyes speak.  Jayasudha ma’am did an outstanding performance in the film. The scenes between her and Vijay are pure emotion.  

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Srikanth, Shaam, Rashmika, and others did their job well. The third biggest pillar in the film is Thaman S.S. His background score and songs are literally fire. The Boss Return BGM is a blast in the theater. Dil Raju’s production is rich and we see that in every frame. The cinematography by Karthik Palani is neat and rich.  

Varisu Tamil Movie Review
Varisu 2023 Tamil Movie Review

Let’s talk about the captain of the Ship Vamshi Paidipally. Most of his films are in classy style and urban settings. I love his Oopiri film. So I had expectations of Varisu and he delivered what he promised. The way he showed Vijay in the films is outstanding.

The way he captured the emotion of every artist is brilliant. As I said Sarathkumar’s performance is I have never seen a performance from him. “What he promised and he kept the promise” 


Vijay’s charms and Kindness lit the show and his dance rocked again. It’s a pure Family drama revolving around the importance of  LOVE within the Family amidst the busy schedule and Money u have. 

The story might sound old but the message is clear to people for the current scenario. Emotional always wake your heart, Mother Father’s love outclassed it.

One who is attached openly to family or has hidden their emotions somewhere either will shed emotional tears sure. As a true Vijay fan, I would say Engal Thalapathy is back with old 90s  family drama with new Trendy action for youngsters to celebrate. 



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