Tv Show – Prodigal Son season 1 ( Episode 13-20)

At episode 13, Malcolm faces an internal affairs review. We know THE GIRL IN THE BOX was connected to Junkyard killer, Martin and Malcolm. They are the last person seen before black-out. The show getting into nerves because we are getting new nightmare vision and some facts are Malcolm’s family.

Malcolm in internal affairs review in episode 13 in Prodigal son tv show

Chris Fedak & Sam Sklaver, the writer of the show, has done some impeccable job. Every episode is best & better. Towards the end of the episode tge clues to nightmares are outstanding. The subconscious mind play big role in the show. Sometimes father and Son talks in subconscious of Malcolm.

Malcolm and his team investigating the murders in Prodigal son tv show

The attorney character introduced in the middle of the show but we don’t have proper characterization on the character, later the character becomes love interest Malcolm. You know Malcolm’s subconscious play big role in his investigation so this time it show about Eve ( the attorney) lying to him. Malcolm learns Eve is hiding something, so he dig up. Later it revealed she is none other then sister of THE GIRL IN THE BOX.

Malcolm,  Martin and Ainsely at psychiatric hospital in Prodigal son tv show

Because of Eve’s investigation, Martin’s past ( the devil’s Deal) begins to hurt his family. Martin, Malcolm and Ainsely, must do whatever it takes to protect their family. The final episode was one of the best conclusion to the season 1. The will have every minute tense and curiosity towards the show. You have big surprises at the final episode. I don’t tell, you have to watch it. And also about THE GIRL IN THE BOX truth. You will definitely blown away. Prodigal Son Season 1


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