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The List of Best High Commission Paying Affiliate Programs


So you are looking for the Best High Commission Paying Affiliate Programs to join and make money out of it.

These affiliate programs are used by India, US, UK & worldwide affiliate marketers. So no need to worry if you are different country.

In this article, you can find every digital marketing expert gives you their own way of reaching to success through affiliate marketing.


1.The Six Figure Mentors

The Six Figure Mentors » Broadway Originals

Actually, this is much more than affiliate program, it’s a digital business system. It definitely provides the life-changing values. Along with the unique platform, it is one of the highest paying commissions you will ever see.

This Six Figure Mentors, basically an online business for everyone like you and me. They will teach people how to build an online business which will be profitable and let you escape the rate race.

Go with this program and never ever worry about money again. This training module has a focused and a cultivating mindset for success. Once you will get started with these guys you will learn the best marketing techniques which will help you in succeeding.

You can learn the marketing skills with only a small part of the equation. Anyone who learns the strategy of the marketing like how to build the email list, run paid ads and provide the value. This program is perfect for the entrepreneur who is looking forward to building a profitable business.

Program Features:

  • Backend/Upsell products
  • It comes with 30-day free trial
  • Comes with the second-tier commission.
  • The length of the cookie is for life-time.
  • Up to $8000 commissions per sale.
  • It provides cut-edge marketing and business skill set.
  • Recurring monthly as well as the yearly affiliate commissions.
  • Gives access to digital skills platforms like web hosting and blogging platforms.

2. Shopify

Shopify » Broadway Originals
Best High Commission Paying Affiliate Programs

May you have heard that Shopify was at peak on Black Friday this year. It has over $535,726 transaction occurs in a single minute through the Shopify stores.

Shopify has over 500,000 business in 175 countries and really generates over $23,7 million revenue. You can just promote the Shopify suite of tools for the people who are willing to start an online store. And you will earn healthy income by doing this.

Here, these guys will help in running a successful e-commerce store business from website building to the shopping cart, store management, SEO and many more. The structure of the Shopify commissions runs far along with the variety of products you can promote.

You can now set up stores for a client through Shopify and in return, you will earn 20% monthly commission when the store is being subscribed. With standard affiliate link promotion, you can just earn 200% monthly subscription per referral.

Program Features:

  • It comes with High-Ticket products
  • The cookie length will be for 30 days
  • Commissions rate-20% plus up to $2400 per sale from the 200% subscription bounty
  • Recurring commissions for the development stores along with the Shopify plus Referral.


PROOF » Broadway Originals

` Most probably this one affiliate program you haven’t come across. The proof is discovered by Dave Rongenmoser. This one is subscription software which helps the business owners in increasing their conversation and sales by the most influenced power of social proof.

It uses a simple and powerful pop-up which will let another know who else has signed up/ purchased a product recently. You can see it’s a simple concept but believe me, it results in huge conversion increasing for business.

Program Features:

  • Highly recurring monthly commissions
  • A 14 days free trial period just before sign up or paid account
  • Commissions rate 40% up to $51.6 per customer referred monthly

Let’s move on to another program, don’t wait just choose one and earn.

4. Kinsta

Kinsta » Broadway Originals

This one basically falls under the web hosting umbrella. Web hosting without any doubt generates high affiliate income for bloggers. Like many others web hosting companies’ referral affiliate program it also comes up with their own.

Kinsta offers the most powerful managed WordPress hosting for the WordPress websites. It will also do daily backups, free website migrations along with the top-notch security like Fort Knox. Really, it offers recurring affiliate commissions, only 10% but that is more than any other web hosting company affiliate referral in the market.

Program Features:

  • Range of promo materials are provided
  • Lifetime value of referrals will be there
  • The cookie length will be for 60 days
  • Comes with exclusive sign-up bonus along with the recurring affiliate commissions.
  • Commissions up to $500 per referral and 10% monthly recurring

4. SEMrush

SEMrush » Broadway Originals
Best High Commission Paying Affiliate Programs

SEMrush is all-in-one marketing toolkit just for the digital marketing professionals. And they offer a wide range of magnificent features right for the technical SEO audits fro the rank tracking and the competitor intelligence.

You can also use it for spying competitor’s keywords along with discovering of what suits them most. You can get many more similar tools but trust when you will use this one time you will definitely no to others.

Program Features:

  • High recurring monthly commissions
  • $40 recurring along with $160 per month for each referral
  • It uses first cookie attribution in which you will get the commission if somehow a referral cancels and joins aging in future.

5. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach » Broadway Originals

This one is the prospecting tool that will help marketers in create and manage the outbound email campaign just for their business. They are helping marketers in building the relationship with industry influencers.

Here this one is the huge recurring software product in which most business offers between 20-30 %. It has advanced tracking tools for affiliates along with the extensive report feature.

Program Features:

  • High recurring monthly commissions
  • Comes with advanced tracking tools for affiliates.
  • Commissions rate 50% recurring and may up to $300 per referral per month

6. The 67 Steps

The 67 Steps » Broadway Originals

This one The 67 steps is founded by Tai Lopez, the social media mastermind guru who teaches how to start various types of business. This one is the personal mentoring system in this system you will know the mindset required for the success. This video of Tai’s can change your life:

Over 204,586 people have joined this amazing program till date. Here you can also promote it as an affiliate and in return, you will get the chunk commissions.

It has a Social Media Program that will teach you how to start consulting just by helping small business with the use of social media. Here in this program, you can earn up to $350 per affiliate program for this particular training program.

Program Features:

  • High-ticket products
  • Backend/Upsell products
  • Rock bottom refund rates for their products
  • Support team gives quick response
  • Commissions rate 50% to 70%, and up to $250 for the SMMA program

7. Instapage

Instapage » Broadway Originals

Instapage is a powerful landing page platform which basically helps business increasing their conversion rate. Their target is to make the marketing team’s along with the marketing agencies.

They offer a 30% recurring commissions and their product price is quite high that’s why you will get healthy returns just by promoting their software. Pricing range starts from $79 and hiked up to $229. Let’s look into the features of Instapage.

Program Features:

  • Highly recurring monthly commissions
  • Cookie length will be for 120 days
  • It has accurate and the reliable tracking software.
  • 50% revenue share on the first payment along with the 30% recurring

8. Etoro

Etoro » Broadway Originals

This one is the world leading social investment network in which you can just trade and invest in stocks and currencies. It has built-in technology which allows you to copy the trading strategies of some of the successful investors.

This program will pay you when any customer completes and make a deposit through Etoro platform. It has the unique banners and the landing pages just ready for the promotion.

Program Features:

  • Etoro has paid, many over $50, 257 in the commissions
  • Detailed reporting, that’s fast and easy to use
  • Commission rate $160 for every customer that basically completes a deposit through the platform.

9. Personal Capital:

Personal Capital » Broadway Originals


Its motto is to promote “wealth management for the internet age”.  It will help you in growing and managing your investment through the data-driven portfolio management. They will offer sleek and an intuitive dashboard right for the complete pictures of the finances.

Currently, they manage over $5.5 billion in the assets just for the clients according to the various financial needs. This program is different from others because they pay per the qualified lead. It works on the commission-free structure and it is not like a SAAS company,

Program Features:

  • Pay Per Lead affiliate program structure
  • Just get paid more for the quality leads
  • Cookie length is valid for 60 days
  • Commission rate $100 per qualified lead

If you have any questions in mind, feel free to comment below. 


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