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Highest Paying ClickBank Alternatives Updated 2022

If you are into digital e-commerce marketer or are a content creator, then you are on the right platform! Clickbank is a marketplace which offers equal opportunities for both content owner as well as a digital marketer.

Clickbank is a middleman between digital marketers and customers, such as eBook’s, video, music, and so on. 

Being a substance proprietor, you’ll put in your item to Clickbank’s database. By doing this, they will oversee the deal and checkout handle of your questions, besides making it unmistakable to their arrange of partner marketers without complex printed material or assertions.

Here, in this article, we have shared the top-notch Clickbank Alternatives list that you can join in 2022 to make real money.

Clickbank is one platform through which you can earn the right amount of money as it approves virtually everyone. 

Not only this, but they are also extremely reliable. However, this is not the only option to make money. There are many other Clickbank alternatives.

Here are some pros and cons of using Clickbank:


  • Highly-paid offers
  • Several recurring offers to sell, for your ongoing income
  • Technology will be a new pace


  • Lots of useless products & sales pages
  • Lots of competition on popular products
  • It becomes difficult to tell what does well without investing traffic
  • Its costlier


List Of Highest Paying ClickBank Alternatives


Clickbank Alternative Official Link
#1. CJ Visit Now
#2. ShareASale Visit Now
#3. Amazon Associates Visit Now
#4. eBay Visit Now
#5. Rakuten Linkshare Visit Now
#6. GlobalWide Media Visit Now
#7. JvZoo  Visit Now
#8. Indoleads Visit Now

Here we provide you with 8 best high paying Clickbank alternatives, which you will surely be useful to you.


1. CJ

This is an affiliated marketing platform, and it was launched in 1998. CJ or Commission Junction was rebranded in 2014 as “CJ Affiliate by Conversant.”

CJ Affiliate » Broadway Originals

CJ is one of the most reliable and best affiliate networks in the world. 

  • One can find branded products here.
  • Affiliate campaigns also provide an array of products as well as powerful tools.
  • CJ also aims at delivering a reliable conversion tracking of the pixel.

In case you become successful at CJ Affiliate Programs, you can make more than $10,000 per month. Apart from this, they also assign you as an account manager so that you can get better leverage of the business with your kind of advertisers.

CJ comes with a one-time payment facility and supports direct bank deposits, check, or they pay through their partners so that you do not get stuck into any problematic situation.

2. ShareASale

This is another renowned marketplace in the Affiliate Marketing Industry. ShareASale concentrates on physical products and the place where big brands gather. 

shareasale » Broadway Originals

ShareASale is present in the industry for very long. The platform here may not be user-friendly since the website lacks in design and intuitive interface, however, their search feature is beneficial.

When you select a product, you might want to check the stats like average sales, the average commission, and also EPC.

  • ShareASale also provides the facility of real-time tracking enabling you to easily measure your sales performance. 
  • Another great tool is the custom creation tool, one can create custom license plate links right with the social media features and the deep-link to the products you are promoting easily.

They also carry out webinars on a regular basis along with the newsletter that helps in keeping you updated with their affiliate programs.

3. Amazon Associates

Everyone is aware of Amazon as well as about its affiliate program called Amazon AffiliatesThis one is the perfect alternatives to Clickbank

Amazon Associates » Broadway Originals

On Amazon, you get almost everything that you want to promote, and you can find anything you want on Amazon. 

However, a negative point would be that the commission percentage that Amazon allocates right to their associates are low. And you also get a mere 24 hours window for the sale to happen, and if it’s not sales, it will not be measured as part of your referral.

  • It does not matter in which industry you are here, you can still promote everything that you find on Amazon. 
  • However, on Amazon, the sign-up process is hectic. This makes it very challenging. Consequently, Amazon prefers sites that have decent organic traffic. 

In short, Amazon is a great option for an affiliate network, however, it requires a different game plan from Clickbank.

4. eBay Partner Network

A famous affiliate network that is created for affiliates similar to Amazon associates. You can promote plenty amount of products on your blogs and website.

eBay Partner Network » Broadway Originals


The eBay partner network works in three ways.

  • With the first one, you simply need to find the right product for your website audience. Since there are lots of products that you find on eBay, so you should choose genuine products to promote.
  • For sharing the products with your audience, you should use tools that are provided to generate the affiliate links as well as analytics to measure the performance.

At eBay Partner Network you earn a commission when someone buys your products using those affiliate links. 

Here the minimum payment needed is $10 and after that, you get paid every month whenever you reach the minimum threshold. So, if you want to sell physical products then you should go for eBay Partner Network, Amazon Associates, and other alternatives that we have compiled here.


5. GlobalWide Media

Being one of the reputable affiliates, Global Media is acquired by Neverblue, which generally focuses on CPA advertising. Their clients are very reputed like, Ford, Rakuten, Uber, along with, Lazada, Expedia, Qatar Airways along with the others.

GlobalWide Media » Broadway Originals


Since GlobalWide Media has top-notch brands to promote, it becomes tough to get its access and become their affiliates. 

  • The website always conducts regular checks for frauds and optimize right before allowing any of the affiliates to register through their websites.
  • GLobalWide Media affiliate program also provides a referral bonus from everyone that you invite to join them. 

They have an extensive database of big clients, and they mainly deliver many pricing models like the CPA, CPL, CPM along with CPC too. After you get approved, you will have to assign a dedicated affiliate manager tag to your account.


Final Conclusion: Highest Paying ClickBank Alternatives

In the 21st century, the eCommerce industry is becoming more and more competitive. As a result, marketing needs to be better and more innovative. 

When a customer consumes no time in buying decisions, the advertising of the products needs to be fast and enough to compel the customer’s requirements. 

In case you are the owner of a content website, you should search for alternatives to earn money online rather than just focusing on Clickbank.


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