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Top 15 Best Telegram Malayalam Movie Channels 2021


If you are looking for the Top 15 Best Telegram Malayalam Movie Channels, this article contains all channel information and download links. As if the Malayalam film channel Telegram was popular enough among Telegram users, we have made a detailed study of the Malayalam films Telegram channel that will provide you with all the latest and most award-winning films.

Malayalam films are also known for their well studied locations and sets. Most Malayalam films are shot in Kerala and Kerala itself is famous for its beautiful locations, culture and traditions.


Malayalam Telegram Movies

These chains include different categories of cinemas such as English, Hindi, Gujarati and Malayalam. These are films of different genres. All the latest double sound films with high quality download links.

So if you want to download Malaysian movies in HD quality, don’t forget to download this great Telegram from the Malaysian movie channel. Share it with your friends and let them be part of the Telegram group.

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Cinema Company Films

Pecinta Movies is for lovers of Hindu and English films. Those looking for quick updates on Mollywood and Tollywood movies should join the Malayalam Movie Channel of the Pecinta Movies Telegram.

All trendy and popular versions of Mollywood are quickly downloaded in this group and users can download them without any problems. The quality of the film varies from mp4 to 4k. If the movie just came out, you probably have a recorded one.

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iMovieShare channel

If you are a big fan of Malayalam movies and only watch very high resolution movies, this channel won’t disappoint you at all. We say that because you’ll only find Mollywood movies on this channel. More than one movie is downloaded every day. This means that you will never get bored because there will be a new movie available every day.

This Telegram Malayalam film channel offers all content in HD quality. Become a member of

The iMovieShare channel for the latest movies and more information.

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YIFY films

YIFY Movies is one of the Telegrams of Malayalam Film’s channel , where all the latest movies are uploaded to the group within days. Thousands of people have joined the YIFY cinema chain and enjoy the benefits of the group. Some films are downloaded directly on the day they are broadcast to the group’s users.

Also, as we all know, it is impossible to maintain the quality on the day a film is released, but it is usually standard quality, and most of it is HD quality. So eat something to eat and watch the latest movies. Note that only southern movies are displayed in dual audio on the YIFY movie channel.

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Movies now channel

Movie Channel Movies Now is one of the popular Malayalam TV channels we have found. It offers films in different languages, from Malayalam to Hindi, via English, Tamil, Telugu, , etc. Very few Telegrams were received from the Malayalam Film Channel, which supplied films in double audio format. But in this group all films are downloaded in different languages.

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It is best to browse the channel yourself while looking at the content. We have been using this Telegram channel for a couple of weeks now and we are satisfied with the service. Click on the Join the Channel button below and join the Movies Now channel and enjoy its services.


Complete List of Malayalam Movie Channels (2021)

The information section is enough to see the best Malayalam movie channels that give you a link to download high quality Malayalam movies. Click on the Connect button below and enjoy the benefits.


Name of the Channel Join the network
Netflix Malayalam Movies Join Channel
Malayalam Cinema Corner Join Channel
Latest Malayalam Movies Join Channel
Malayalam TV series Join Channel
Indian Malayalam movies Join Channel
Mollywood’s diaries Join Channel
Original Malayalam films Join Channel
Dubbed Malayalam Movies Join Channel
Malayalam Cinema Amazon Prime Join Channel
Malayalam Film Library Join Channel


We have collected many more Telegrams from the Malayalam Film Channel that you should connect because of their high quality. They also have a new film in bilingual format every day on the Malayalam channel, so with the waste of time, let’s see who they are.



Finally, I would like to point out that all the channels mentioned above were hand-picked and selected after a detailed analysis lasting several hours. Most people join these channels to download movies, and if you do, I’m sure they won’t let you down, because all the channels update their content regularly and you won’t get bored at all.

Then, without wasting any time, click on the login buttons above to start your endless film journey. If you have any suggestions for us or if you want us to add more channels, don’t forget to give us your genuine feedback and tell us how you feel.



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