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Despite Google AdSense being the most popular ad network for authors just getting started with ad revenue, ‘AdSense alternatives‘ has become a prominent search topic. If you are new to ad technology, it is advised that you begin with Google AdSense to learn the fundamentals.

And Publishers are exploring alternatives to Google AdSense along their ad monetization journey. As a result, the sector provides exactly what publishers want.


Google AdSense and Usage Stats

Website owners may sign up for Google AdSense, an ad-serving service. It enables text, picture, and video advertising to be shown on websites. These advertisements earn money based on the number of clicks or impressions received.

Google Adsense is now used by about 40,602,083 active websites.

And It is the most popular advertising network for commercial websites and bloggers who want to monetize their blogs. You’ve undoubtedly encountered Google AdSense advertising on web pages in custom search engines.

So, Google Ads is now utilized by 98.4 percent of all websites.

This is how they appear:
Ads Sample


Reasons to use Google AdSense Alternatives

There are several reasons to seek AdSense alternatives, the most essential of which is the ability to self-manage ad units and placement.

Here are some of the most popular reasons:

Google AdSense rejects certain websites because their material is insufficient for advertisers.

So, If you’ve ever visited any internet marketing or webmaster forums, you’ve probably seen thread after post with titles like “AdSense blacklisted me! Why?”

And Google AdSense has a lot of guidelines, and they continuously check websites. They will prohibit you and prevent you from opening a new AdSense account if you chance to breach even one rule.

Also They won’t just block the site if you do. They will also block the new account even if you manage to establish one and are discovered later.

Did you aware that even a single unintentional click on an advertisement on your website might result in a permanent ban?

Because Many website owners think that Google AdSense’s criteria are too stringent. Even when all the criteria are met, websites typically lack content expression and have bad site design.

For Google AdSense, your website could need a complete redesign.

Because Sometimes contextual text advertising just doesn’t suit the look and feel of a website. On many websites, other ad formats that Google AdSense does not allow perform better.

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Types of Ads

Let’s now quickly review the primary ad formats that are accessible to publishers wishing to switch to a Google AdSense substitute.

  • The first kind of advertisement is targeted text ads, which are often seen in groups. They are picked depending on your website’s content or the search phrase that brought them to the appropriate page.
  • In-Text: These ad types appear when you move your cursor over certain text phrases. The advertisement’s URL and a picture, text, or video often appear in a little box that appears.
  • Display: To grab a viewer’s attention, display advertising often includes graphics, headlines, body text, and other components. The eighth page to a full page might be used for advertisements.
  • Banner: These are the standard picture advertisements that you encounter on numerous websites. They might consist of only the image or an image with a line of text above or below it. Sizes come in all orientations and range from button size to half a page.


List of Best Google Adsense Alternatives

The best substitute ad networks for Google AdSense are listed below. Check out each one of them carefully. You should be able to locate some that will complement your websites.


1. Media.Net – AdSense Alternative

You can only access the Yahoo! Bing Network through One of the biggest contextual ad networks in the world, they feature several prestigious publishers including Forbes, ELLE, Reuters, and Good Housekeeping.

The ad types available to publishers on include display Search ads, and mobile ads. and have access to contextually targeted advertising who are content-driven.

Because They were the first to develop server-to-server header bidding, which enables publishers to optimize income through header bidding without having to take a chance on increased page delay.

So, They are a direct rival to AdSense. But be warned that they have a reputation for canceling accounts without providing an explanation. As a result, if you use them, read all the guidelines and be careful to abide by them.

2. Taboola – AdSense Alternative


One of the biggest content discovery platforms in the ad tech sector is Taboola. Publishers may expose their users to native adverts, sometimes referred to as sponsored content, through this ad network and assist them in finding information that is pertinent to their interests.

Because Publishers looking for a good mobile web monetization platform might consider Taboola. Additionally, it places a strong premium on brand recognition and content quality.

So, Publishers now have access to Taboola’s features for effective audience segmentation, targeting, and remarketing.

And This advertising network guarantees a 100 percent fill rate in all regions. However, Taboola’s 500,000 minimum page view criterion may make it difficult to acquire permission. Additionally, they currently only accept payments through Payoneer.

3. RevenueHits


The range of ad kinds available from RevenueHits includes banner, pop-under, slider, top and footer style, buttons, and interstitial ads.

So, They provide contextual and geographically focused adverts. Instead of a CPC or CPM network, they are a performance-based network (CPA).

Therefore, be essential to realize that you are compensated for particular activities that website visitors perform rather than just for clicking on ads.

RevenueHits offers payment via wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, or Bitcoin. In its current model, there are no minimum traffic requirements. Publishers may also make money from their desktop pop-up blocker and interstitial services.

4. BidVertiser – Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense Alternatives

BidVertiser will compensate you for clicks and conversions, which might boost the publisher’s website revenue.

There are text advertisements, banner ads, mobile ads, and slider ads. They provide advertisers with a point-and-click ad builder tool that makes it easy to modify the advertising to match the aesthetic of your website.

By cheque, wire, PayPal, and Bitcoin, they make their monthly payments. The current minimum payout for Paypal, Check, and Bank Wire is merely $10, $100, and $500, respectively.

Because The usage of an advertising bidding mechanism by BidVertiser is a drawback. Every advertiser places a bid for the websites and ad placement.

So, As a result it can take some time for advertisers to discover your website in the BidVertiser network and begin competing for your ad slots.

5. PopAds – Google Adsense Alternatives


PopAds, which brands itself as the finest supplier of this ad kind, focuses on delivering pop-under ads.

Publishers may decide what minimal offer they will accept from advertising and how frequently site users will see pop-under adverts.

So, You may request payment of your PopAds earnings at any moment, which is one of the excellent benefits of PopAds.

To handle payments, they employ wire, PayPal, and AlertPay. Additionally, minimum payment amount for AlertPay and PayPal is $10; there is no minimum payment amount for wire transfers.

With PopAds, obtaining an account and site approval is simple. Overall, this makes it a solid substitute for Google AdSense.

6. PopMyAds – Google Adsense Alternatives


A mobile pop-under ad network called PopMyAds welcomes traffic and publishers from all nations.

They offer prompt site approval, sometimes in less than a day. One of the few ad networks that accept legitimate pornographic websites is this one. To learn more about the sites they accept, please review their TOS.

And feature a live dashboard that publishers may use to monitor the effectiveness of advertisements and view their revenue.

They accept payments through PayPal or Payza and have a $5 minimum payout requirement. If you want payment by wire transfer, you can get in touch with them. Processing of all payments takes one to seven business days.

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7. PropellerAds Media

PropellerAds Media
Google Adsense Alternatives

A sizable ad network called PropellerAds focuses on pop-under advertisements but also offers conventional banner ads, on-click ads, and in-banner video ads. For publishers, also provide sliders, sponsored links, and other ad forms.

So, You should look them over if your website falls under one of the following categories: Playing games, watching movies, dating, managing money, using software, or gambling.

And Additionally, they have high ad fill rates for tier 2 and tier 3 countries. Therefore, whether visitors to your website come from Singapore, South Africa, or India, you should check out this alternative to Google AdSense.

8. PopCash – Google Adsense Alternatives


A popunder ad network with global reach is PopCash. They are reputed to be a quick approval network that may approve a site in as little as one hour.

So, They support safe and clean advertisements in order to maintain publishers’ websites secure and free of fraud. The PopCash integration procedure, which is identical to the AdSense process, is started by publishers by adding a piece of code to their website.

PopCash has a quick payment method and Every day, they handle payments with a $10 minimum. Additionally, they accept payments made via wire transfer, PayPal, Paxum, and Skrill.

9. Amazon Associates Affiliate Ad Network

Amazon Associates Affiliate Ad Network

Similar to Google, Amazon is a significant player in the industry Because it offers an affiliate marketing scheme that enables publishers to make money from their visitors.

So, Publishers may promote products to their audience and make money from ads thanks to the platform’s link-building features.

Also Publishers may show native Amazon product listings on their websites by using the Amazon Native Shopping Ads division. If a person clicks on an advertisement and then buys anything, publishers get paid.

10. Infolinks

Infolinks 1 » Broadway Originals

Infolinks are carefully chosen to draw in viewers and improve ad viewability. Over 350,000 blogs and websites in over 128 countries, including well-known companies like Netflix, Virgin Airlines, and many more, utilize Infolinks.

So, It offers publishers dependable technology, cutting-edge account management, consistent revenue streams, and a great user experience. It also smoothly connects with a variety of mobile ad networks.

And Infolinks provides advantages to marketers as a Google Adsense Alternatives. They may promote while staying within their budget, using their extensive network to interact with people at the right time.


Before they may become a partner, several ad networks, like AdSense, demand that their website meet specified parameters.

And You need to find an ad network with simple approval criteria if a platform won’t approve your website for an AdSense account to get started.

Alternatives To Adsense For WordPress

The following are most popular Adsense alternatives:

  • Media.Net
  • Taboola
  • RevenueHits
  • BidVertiser
  • PopAds
  • PopMyAds
  • PropellerAds Media
  • PopCash
  • Amazon Affiliate Network
  • Infolinks

However, header bidding, which boosts your website’s earnings by 20–50%, is one of the best alternatives to AdSense.

You can only use one advertising network with Google AdSense. Publishers may use header bidding to access a variety of SSPs and ad exchanges.

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