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Top 10 Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Programs To Make Money


If you Want to make money in cryptocurrency and are Confused about which crypto affiliate program is best for your audience?

In 2016, we saw bitcoin take the world by storm and reach massive heights. People turned millionaires and billionaires overnight.

So, The reasons behind this boom are very varied, and Bitcoin’s eventual fall in value is also rather complex. The cryptocurrency sector has multiplied in value over the $350 billion mark in the past six months.

And This is where you stand to benefit as an affiliate marketer. People are ready to invest in cryptocurrency but want to minimize the risk they will take.

Because if you have a blog with an audience who trust you guiding them in the direction of the right crypto network could be beneficial to both of you if you become an affiliate partner with the same crypto network. 


Many crypto companies have in-house affiliate programs with relatively high commission rates, which are perfect opportunities for you to make some risk-free income in the digital currency sector.

So, As we mentioned earlier, the demand for crypto is soaring right now, so the conversion rate in these affiliate advertising campaigns will be very high. 

And Get better commissions than most CPA networks by putting in less effort by joining the network of your choice from our detailed list of the Top 10 Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Programs 


List of Top 10 Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Programs 

Bitcoin Crypto » Broadway Originals
Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Programs 

1. Binance

Binance, founded in 2017, had become the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by total trading volume by mid-2018.

The founder, Changpeng Zhao, is an industry veteran considered an expert in all things related to the industry. All major currencies are supported, including their own BNB (Binance Coin).

Binance » Broadway Originals
Buy/Sell Bitcoin, Ether and Altcoins

The best thing about Binance is in addition to being one of the most popular affiliate programs, given their top spot in the industry, anyone can join them as an affiliate marketer.

The commission rate is set at a very profitable 20% which can be doubled (40%) if you hold 500 or more BNB in your personal Binance account.

The cost of BNB keeps varying, but market trends show it growing upwards, so it would be a worthy investment that you will get back by 40% commission rate earning on every conversion.

Your audience will benefit if they use your referral links as referred customers from their affiliate partners and get a 5-20% lifetime discount on all transactions.

So, You should note that this discount is from your commissions. In the long run, the increase in the number of signups you will get from this discount will positively impact your income. 

Experts have started pointing out how exchanges in the Binance marketplace have affected the overall trends in the market.

And This shows the defining role they hold in the industry and how anyone who knows about crypto will jump at the chance of joining Binance at a discounted rate. 

2. CryptoHopper

CryptoHopper » Broadway Originals
The most powerful crypto trading bot

The exciting thing about CryptoHopper is an automated crypto trading bot that can set up and perform nearly every kind of exchange.

So, The automated bot can take you through the entire trading process. You can use it to help create trading strategies, back-test them across old records of the performance of different coins, and make the most of your money in the crypto industry.

And Your users can join the CryptoHopper community even if they do not have extensive knowledge of the field and make money

The CryptoHopper affiliate program is top-rated among bloggers as many of them have hundreds of dollars per blog post.

Over 10,000 affiliate partners have received over $500,000 in commission for promoting their products.

Commission rates start at a minimum of 10% and go up to over 50% as you progress in their program.

And The average order value per customer is $31.68, with the average commission for every sale being $4.26.

As they regularly engage in over 40 million trades with a relatively small customer base of 50,000, you can imagine the extent to which your users, and by extension, you, will be able to earn.

3. Paxful

Paxful » Broadway Originals
#1 Cryptocurrency exchange network

Paxful is a popular cryptocurrency exchange network for trading in Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Tether. Users also can become vendors on the platform if they want, and the referral will count.

One of the most popular P2P marketplaces in crypto, over 350 payment methods are available. When you join their affiliate program, you get all the details required to pitch the network to your users.

And They have one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the industry, with a commission rate of 50% on a Cost Per Action (CPA) scale.

Interestingly, the payment is also made in cryptocurrency only, and you have to use their in-house affiliate program.

4. CryptoTrader 

CryptoTrader » Broadway Originals
Best cryptocurrency tax solutions

CryptoTrader is one of the best cryptocurrency tax solutions out there. We all dread going through filing your taxes, and that process gets a hundred times more complicated when you add earnings from a sector like a cryptocurrency to your income statements.

You would want to pitch CryptoTrader to your users for whatever cryptocurrency exchange you recommend so they can easily manage their income from crypto. 

Upload your trading documents to software and automatically perform all your tax calculations. The product is an easy sale as all crypto traders in any capacity are aware of the struggles of dealing with the taxation on their bitcoin earnings. 

The fact that it is an easy sale with a 25% recurring commission must make it irresistible for you to not head over to their official website and join their affiliate program. 

All payments are via PayPal (fiat currency)

5. PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT » Broadway Originals
#1 Trading Platform – Trade with up to 100x leverage


It is one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms in Bitcoin, USDC, and USD Tether markets. Your users will access over 80 markets after completing just one sign up-process.

A very profitable feature is where you can essentially act as a top trader without experience. Their coveting copy trading method involves making trades the top traders in different coins are making and copying them to generate the same returns.

Their affiliate marketing programs are just as lucrative as their trading platform. Affiliates can earn more than $1250 for just introducing one client to their platform.


The $1250 earning is possible if you introduce qualified traders to the PrimeXBT network. You get paid between $40-$1250 per every trader who joins using your affiliate links.

There is another revenue-sharing offer for affiliate partners wherein you can create a very stable income stream. If you sign up for this offer, you get up to 70% of the total earnings of all your referred users. 

So, You can combine the benefits of these two offers and sign up for their CPA + Revenue Share program. Here, you will receive a fixed fee per legitimate lead and a share of your lead’s revenue.

6. Wazirx

Wazirx » Broadway Originals
India’s most trusted bitcoin & cryptocurrency exchange

WazirX is India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform. Operating in a developing country where many social classes are looking forward to fast wealth creation, And has a massive market.

Also, WazirX enjoys the same level of popularity and respect in the industry in India that a company like Binance does globally. They even have their currency WRX, similar to Binance’s BNB. 

And this tool is helpful if you have an audience deeply interested in blockchains. And The entire tool is made by a team of blockchain believers and is structured around the same idea. 

So Anyone can become an affiliate partner in the WazirX referral program. You earn a flat 50% commission on the trading fees of everyone who joins WazirX using your affiliate links.

And The payouts are made in WRX, and you will receive payouts within 24 hours of generating value. They provide reports and analytics on your earnings to track your performance.

There are earning limits or conditions here. An active affiliate can generate an infinite amount of money here.

7. CoinMama

CoinMama » Broadway Originals
Buy and sell cryptocurrency online

CoinMama started in 2013 as a brokerage dealing in Bitcoin and Ethereum. And They have expanded to include Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin, and many other popular currencies on their platform.

Although their primary focus is still brokerage, you can sell Bitcoin you are holding to them and use it as an exchange platform.

And the Users should note that brokers will charge a fee that often ends up paying more than you would in private trade. And This mostly translated to a brokerage fee of around 5.9%.

The CoinMama affiliate program is very straightforward. A direct 15% commission credited to you of the total purchases your referred users make as long as they use their accounts.

Because They also provide an in-app affiliate dashboard for you to track your earnings, similar to any of the good affiliate marketing sites. Payment is made in fiat currency.

8. Changelly

Changelly » Broadway Originals
BTC & cryptocurrency exchange

One of the relatively newer entrants to the industry on this list, Changelly has quickly made its place in the crypto world.

The convenience of trading in a wide variety of coins, more than 150, without having to deposit any cash or coins is undoubtedly a contributing factor.

Just look for the best rates on the trade you want to make and perform it. You can use fiat currency like your debit card to buy crypto on Changelly, so it is not a pure exchange but a hybrid form.

Only one additional charge might be made to you if you buy crypto using other currency holdings, then a 0.25% fee is deducted from the transaction by Changelly

They have one of the highest paying affiliate programs on this list, with a flat 50% commission on the transaction fees of anyone who joins using your referral link.

Payments are made in the cryptocurrency that someone trades in from your affiliate link.

The more coins traded, the higher your and your audience’s revenue will go, so ensure you cover that aspect while marketing the program to them.

9. LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins » Broadway Originals
Buy & sell bitcoin everywhere.

LocalBitcoins is a platform for those who want to buy and sell bitcoins directly in fiat cash. Established in 2012, LocalBitcoins supports the notion that cryptocurrency will change how global finance functions.

The operative word there is global as Localbitcoins allows you to trade across 248 countries. The platform is essentially an exchange, but users are not directly dealing with each other as the differentiating factor.

People are selling their coins to the service, and other users are purchasing same coins. The site exists to create a friendly and risk-free portal for these trades to happen.

They make trades risk-free by Escrow wallet designed for crypto transactions 20% of the trading fees on every trade referred by customer makes it paid to you.

In transactions where you have referred both the buyer and the seller, you get a 40% commission. Affiliates are paid for 12 months after their referred customer joins the platform.

10. BitMEX

BitMEX » Broadway Originals
Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Programs 

A direct P2P trading platform deals in contracts that is bought and sold in various cryptocurrencies.

The media has described it as crypto’s most advanced trading platform for its highly secure, 100% verified account only, no expiration date, and up to leverage in transactions available trading space.

Anyone from a hobby trader to a full-fledged corporate or developer can make us of BitMex. Their recent addition of Tether is another in a long list of constant improvements and additions.

Affiliates paid on a CPA scale, with commission rates going up to 20%.

This commission is paid out in cryptocurrency and is a recurring payment as long as your referred customers stay active on the platform. They also provide analytics and data tools for Affiliates.

Final Conclusion: Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Programs 

A direct P2P trading platform deals in contracts bought and sold in various cryptocurrencies.

The media has described it as crypto’s most advanced trading platform for its highly secure, 100% verified account only, no expiration date, and

So, You can make substantial money even with a few sales as the cost of wallets goes up to €600. 12-15% commission on such an expensive product is a lot of money.

This money will be paid out to you in your preferred medium between bank transfer and bitcoin.

Hardware wallets do tend to be one-off purchases so consider making a solid and short campaign on your leading site to get maximum results in a single campaign.

That was our list of the top 17 best affiliate programs in the cryptocurrency sector. All are excellent campaigns to run on your blogs and other channels.

It would be best if you decided between them after understanding the level of expertise your audience broadly has in crypto, region, their preferred currencies, and which platform’s program has the highest commission in connection to your audience’s needs.

The time to enter crypto is now, and when you can do it without putting in any money yourself, what’s stopping you from earning those affiliate commissions today?

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