Tomorrow K-Drama Review: A drama worthy of recommendation but not without due preparation and ample supply of tissues. 

You are currently viewing Tomorrow K-Drama Review: A drama worthy of recommendation but not without due preparation and ample supply of tissues. 

Tomorrow K-Drama Review

Director: Kim Tae-yoon and Sung Chi-wook 

Year: 2022 

Episodes: 16 

Cast: Kim Hee-sun, Rowoon, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Yoon Ji-on 

Streaming: Netflix 


Choi Jun-woong (Rowoon) is a young job seeker who is unable to secure a job. Through an accident, he meets the grim reapers Koo Ryeon (Kim  Hee-sun) and Lim Ryung Gu (Yoon Ji-on) who have the task of preventing suicide and works with them as the youngest contract worker in the crisis management team of death angels. 

Tomorrow K-Drama Review: 

“Right now, you feel like you’re falling behind others. Even so, you should live. As you live, there will come a moment when you’ll realize, it was  all for today.” ~ Koo Ryeon 

The feeling of being constantly torn between killing yourself or killing everyone around you is dangerous and as unfortunate. In a world, where individuality has become the primary choice of us, what everyone should be attempting is to extract the positivity it.

Situations and circumstances definitely play roles in making us commit deeds that we’d never thought of even. But in the end, it all boils down to the fact that one needs more courage to live than to kill them. Rightfully quoted so, “Sometimes  even to live is an act of courage”

Tomorrow K-Drama
Tomorrow K-Drama Review

“Tomorrow” follows the day-to-day work of the Risk/Crisis Management Team of Jumadaeng (the afterlife company for Korea) which serves to prevent highly suicidal people from committing the deed and strives to bring happiness in their lives. Choi Joon Woong, a jobless young man, gets involved with grim reapers as he tries to save a man from taking his own life.

Soon he goes into a coma, becoming half-dead, and joins the RM team till his recovery.  There he meets, Team Leader Ko Ryeon (Kim Hee Sun) and his assistant Lim Ryung Gu (Yoon Ji On); together they save countless lives while facing the threat of disbanding from other departments of Jumadaeng, including the most elite Park Jung Gil (Lee Soo Hyuk), the leader of the escort team. Kim Hae  Sook plays the Jade Emperor in Jumadaeng. 

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The controversial concept and the criticism surrounding suicide prevention might seem futile but I do not wish to discredit and disregard the understanding of people about such a sensitive matter. Nevertheless, it’s a  relief how this show has been able to create narratives and conversations,  about this topic. 

Are “mere words” enough to save someone who wants to end his own life? I  think many people who are emotionally struggling need someone to talk it out… a simple talk may not end their years of problems and make them a  smiling person again but it could be of little help. 

K-Drama Tomorrow Review
Tomorrow K-Drama Review

Words can save people but they can destroy them too. “Tomorrow” is about the other side of the coin. The reasons, the thinking, and the words could’ve hurt a person so deeply that he wants to avoid this “tomorrow.”

This drama teaches us the real value of the words we speak. they are NOT trying to convince us that suicide is the right option rather they want us to be caring towards people and choose our words wisely. 

Tomorrow is a fantasy drama that brings to you the right balance of emotional cases and stories of people suffering (who are on the verge of ending their lives) but the Risk Management team of Jumadeung is right there… just like Koo Ryeon says – “Our job is to offer them comfort, sympathy, and support rather than a solution. They’re the only ones who can free themselves.” …So they’re grim reapers with angelic twists… 

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The best take by the writers is those stories, nothing very superficial or highly imaginative. They’re social and human problems that may be relatable at some point. Since related to death and people’s conflicting mental state,  they tend to be dark sometimes… and the words in every scene are so quote-like. Every sentence with deeper meaning. I liked that. 

Based on the webtoon “Tomorrow” by Llama, tomorrow is impactful with the cruel reality of society. One thing which stays with all stories is ‘Self-love’…  “Stay strong, have that trust in yourself and face them”… Like one line that hits  me highly from Episode 7 is “My standard for happiness is myself.”

Many people were curious…is there any romance? Yes, there is. It is for a little part only but they looked so good together. Of course, I wish it was longer but that’s all we get. 

Tomorrow K-Drama Review
Tomorrow K-Drama Review

The subtle and spiritual acting of the leads makes everything better.

  1. Kim Hee-Seon (as Koo Ryeon) – my eyes were stuck on Hee-Seon’s beautiful-sassy red hair, badass, I like her kicks and how she stopped time on her fingertip.
  2. Rowoon (as Choi Jun-Woong) – Rowoon and this role, both keep impressing me all the time, he takes decisions emotionally, cries with them, and gives his all sympathy and support.
  3. Yun Ji-On (as Lim Ryung-Gu) – Ji-on is also great as Mr. Lim who has a  soft heart inside his casual look. 
  4. Lee Soo-Hyuk (as Park Joong-Gil)– Soo Hyuk literally comes to the screen for  5 minutes every episode yet he leaves a good after-effect with his charm.

What I didn’t enjoy here — 

—•• The ending was really rushed but we don’t get any cliffhangers, it was all clear, yet that one story of leads had so much potential. I hope it was given enough time. 

—•• less screen time for Soo Hyuk… I thought he is the main lead but we see him barely in the early episodes and only toward the ending he looks like an important part of the drama. 

All four have their own mysterious story that could make you cry buckets. Jumadeung is an afterworld organization that includes many Grim Reapers so this drama isn’t going to be all about suicide cases…there will be some natural/accident death cases… 

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The pilot episode wasn’t very impressive to me, that could have me in its overall grasp though it seemed decent. I would say the execution in the 2nd episode was also fine.

Episode 3 is where it suddenly took me to paradise (not literally because the sufferings of people were so saddening). I mean to say that I could suddenly understand the intentions of the writer and what everyone involved is meaning to relay to all of us.

The furtherance was amazing; them handling one case after another, trying their best to sort everything out and put things back in their places, all of that evoked all kinds of emotions, making us think, understand, and realize the possibilities that our lives could offer us.

The seams involving Jumadaeng and the interactions of all the reapers working in it were fantastic to witness; particularly Ko Ryeon and Jun Woong conversing was always melting my heart.

Tomorrow Review
Tomorrow K-Drama Review

Everything was okay until the finale week which somehow ended up ruining things for the show. As much as I love this show overall, the very fact that the ending turned ordinary and rather shoddy, will always bother me, whenever I am reminded of the show.

In my personal opinion, as much as I love this drama, there were moments that did not make that much sense and moments I would like to address. The controversial suicidal dog episode (episode 9) wasn’t as bad as other reviewers make it.

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It just showed that animals have feelings too. I do admit that the whole suicide act might be a little over the top but the message it conveys (as said before, that animals do have feelings too) was acceptable.

However, I have to call out episode 7 which tackled the topic of anorexia/ED. The whole episode didn’t really progress much and the ending wasn’t satisfying. EDs are very serious mental illnesses and only a five-minute talk won’t miraculously solve them. 

The cinematography is pleasing, each episode usually starts with dark color palettes depicting misery, and gradually shifts to light and colorful hues,  implying, new beginnings and as hope.

The designer and makeup team deserve as much credit, for both accurately and demandingly bringing out the best of the characters, through the careful work of the actors. The fighting scenes, as required in a few scenes, were exciting and convincing, if not very impressive.

Verdict: Tomorrow K-Drama Review

The drama was excellent. Each episode has its life-changing messages, and each episode touches my heart. I especially love episodes 6 (war Veteran), episode 9 (dog-human bond), and episode 13 (comfort lady). I bawled my eyes out and yet the epilogues are just heartwarming. Beautifully tackled highlights many societal woes we are facing.

Some of their bullying and cyberbullying/gossip. Well, what we are facing today with a bunch of immature people rating it as 1 star (without even watching the drama) proves they still exist in our society And I fear for the world’s humanity and morals. Has education and humanity failed us to make them come this far?

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