Tips To Double Your AdSense Earnings

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Best Tips To Double Your AdSense Earnings

Google AdSense is an ad serving platform operated by Google. It displays ads on your website based on the user’s browsing history. It is one of the most trusted ad networks in the world and it can enhance your earnings manifold if you implement the right techniques on your blog.

Some professional bloggers earn thousands of dollars daily from their blog through AdSense alone. However, Most new bloggers do not use the right techniques, which results in meager earnings.

Today, I am going to share with you some amazing tips on how to double your AdSense earnings easily and legally. All these tips are within the AdSense terms and conditions guidelines so they are not going to get you banned. These tips only include the strategies which are not so commonly known but are the secret to better earnings.


1. Blocking Certain Ads And Ad Categories

One of the best strategies to boost your AdSense revenue is to block certain ad categories and advertisers who pay very little amount per click. This is one of the best-kept secrets of Google AdSense and very few bloggers use it.

Go to the “Allow and Block Ads” section of your AdSense dashboard and block those categories which give you the lowest earnings. You can block up to 50 categories including subcategories, so use this option carefully.

You can also sort your categories according to % ad impressions. Once sorted, block the ones which have the lowest ad impressions percentage and form the lowest percentage of your earnings. Blocking these low paying categories will lead to an improvement in your earnings significantly. Go easy on the blocking though. If you block most categories, the options available for Google to display ads on your website will reduce.


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Tips To Double Your AdSense Earnings
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2. Increase Organic Traffic

Another common mistake that most bloggers make is to get confused between organic traffic and inorganic traffic.

The basic difference between these two types of traffic is the source of the traffic.

Organic traffic comprises of visitors who land on your page organically via search engines. For example, a visitor who visits your website through a keyword-search in Google is much more valuable to AdSense than a visitor who clicked on your article link on Facebook and landed on your page.

The visitors who come by clicking the link you shared on social media websites constitute the inorganic or direct traffic.

To get more organic traffic, your content should revolve around keywords with high search volumes. This way, more search traffic comes to your website. Use the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize your articles so that they show up high on Google search results.

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3. Experiment With Ad Types And Ad Placements

One of the best tips to enhance your AdSense revenue instantly is to change your ad placement. Using a banner ad or a big rectangle ad above the fold is one of the highest converting Ad placements in AdSense as all your visitors will leave an impression on an ad unit above the fold.

Use AdSense heat maps to see the areas in which your visitors stay the most to optimize the ad placement.

Another trick is to place a large rectangle beneath your post title. This will also enhance your CTR significantly.

Using link ads is a great tip that most people ignore as they focus on image ads but link ads also have great conversions if you use them at the correct place.

Don’t just focus on one type of ad. Use both image and text-based ads to enhance your revenue significantly. The key to finding the most suitable ad type and the most profitable ad placement is experimenting.

So, keep trying, keep experimenting. Once you find a winning combination, you can rinse and repeat by creating more websites.

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4. Blend Ads With The Color Of Your Website

Most bloggers think that the starker their ads look against their website, the greater the number of visitors who will get attracted to the ads. This is a great misconception as your readers will immediately recognize that this is an ad.

You need to make sure that your ad units look like they are part of the content. This is not to misguide your visitors but to give them a better reading experience.

Your visitors will only click on a relevant ad if they find the content worthy of it. If your website looks more like an advertising website than a content-sharing website, you need to change the color palette of your ads.

On some sites and ad units, contrasting colors convert well while on some sites, ads that merge with the background work well so you need to test and check the results to see which option works well for you.

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5. Use Responsive Units And Use AdSense For Search

Using Google AdSense for search is one trick which will add to your AdSense revenue plus will also improve the reader experience of your blog.

Place the search unit in the sidebar at the top to help your visitors search for anything they want on the web and on your blog.

Next point is about the responsive ad units. If you are using normal ad units because you think they will look better on your website, you are mistaken. In this age, mobile visitors are surpassing desktop users. Ad units which work well on desktop but not on mobile devices harm the reading experience significantly.

The solution is to use responsive ads. These ad units adapt to the available space and the website design to give your readers the best reading experience. You will need a responsive website design for this, but most themes these days are responsive so that shouldn’t be an issue.

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So these are some simple yet effective tips which are not commonly known. These tips were shared by professional bloggers who use them to boost their AdSense revenue manifold. Implementing these tips on your website will double or even triple your AdSense earnings in just a month or two. However, you’ve to publish relevant content regularly on your blog.

Content is the king for Google. If it thinks that your website is helpful for readers, it is definitely going to rank you higher in the Google search results which will enhance the traffic and subsequently your AdSense revenue.

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