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For starters, this German/Swiss film The Colony was shot very well, with excellent cinematography, and outstanding production design. Adding the spot-on eerie score, and you feel like you’re right there, in that dystopian future. It’s one of those unique set designs and atmosphere that you’ll remember for a long time. The directing couldn’t have been any better. The casting and performances were great and convincing.

What bothers me, is in that 104 min runtime, the story needed much more substance, more action, and a better pace. Aside from some typical plot and technical issues, I was confused with the mission; the plan starts with the need to contact the colony and have them come back to Earth. Then No. Then yes? Or no? It really didn’t make much sense, nor were there any good reasons for the changes back and forth.

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To make matters worse, the ending was so rushed, it added so many plot holes and leaves you with so many questions. It feels like the budget ran out and they wrapped up in 5 mins of filming. Had the pacing been faster, and/or added an extra 10-15 mins of story towards the end, a real and possible great ending could’ve been achieved. I instantly played 5 more minutes in my head when the movie was over that would’ve been a perfect ending, and even fill in some of the story’s gaps.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it, and it’s one sci-fi I’ll remember for sure.

The Story Had So Much More Potential

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