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I wasn’t sure what I should expect with this movie but it ended up being ok. The concept is nothing new. At a normally comfortable 94 minutes, this one felt much longer. I can’t put my finger on any one reason, because the pacing was ok, which usually is the issue.

There’s a lot going on, almost too much that I feel is unnecessary, and there just isn’t enough suspense until the last quarter of the film. The tittle, The Paramedic, really doesn’t suit the story, and even being one in this film was really just filler. I’d rather some emergency doctor cross the street, get hit by a car, and then get the ball rolling with the main acts.



Mario Casas and Déborah François in The Paramedic 2020 Movie.

From the start we get an impression on the protagonist (Angel Hernandez) is recluse and doesn’t like interacting much with people, he is an extremely controlling boyfriend and he suffers from a kind of PTSD (maybe??) where he steals items from the injured people’s homes or cars while arriving for help as a paramedic.

When he suffers from paralysis his suspicion towards his gf grows stronger to the point he spies on her ( she has affair). In time, his gf finds what he was doing and she leaves him. The rest is kinda disturbing.

As I mentioned, the plot is not new but you gotta watch this for Mario’s performance. He just lives upto the character right from the start to the end with no remorse or feeling on his face regarding the type of things he did.

Mario Casas as Ángel Hernández in The Paramedic 2020 Netflix Movie


The real problem I had with this film was the end of the ending, which feels like of another movie. But at the same time, it’s not an open ending that leaves with a question “wtf just happened”.

Watch it, judge by yourself.


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