The Law Café K-Drama Review: Had a promising start…Later It  Ended in Formulaic.  

You are currently viewing The Law Café K-Drama Review: Had a promising start…Later It  Ended in Formulaic.  

The Law Café K-Drama Review

Number of episodes: 16 

Genres: Romance, Legal drama 

Language: Korean 

Based on: Love According to the Law; by Noh Seung-ah 


Jung-ho, Yu-ri, Se-Yeon, and Jin-ki have been friends for 17  years since Seoyeon High. Jung-ho is a landlord who used to be called the Monster Genius of the prosecution. Despite his clumsiness, he is a cool guy with a mysterious charm.

Yu-ri is an eccentric lawyer who won the past Miss Korea contest with her outstanding looks. Her hot-tempered characteristic that cannot stand injustice leads her to quit her firm and start a Law Cafe of her own.

When she goes to see her landlord for the contract, she finds out that he is her old friend Jung-ho. From that point, a crazy relationship that develops from friendship to love begins.

The Law Café K-Drama Review
The Law Café K-Drama Review


The protagonist fights for the rights of ordinary people with a lot of passion, intelligence, courage, and the active support of old and new friends as well as her (after all) love interest.

The legal cases dealt with are close to everyday sorts of topics and provide an up-to-date overview of perennial issues such as bullying, child abuse, sloppiness in construction, etc. 

The idea of setting up a Law Cafe away from the usual law firm business is unique. Their visitors can get professional legal advice in addition to barista coffee in a comfy atmosphere.

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All of the characters are originals, and their quirks and idiosyncrasies are cheerfully staged here and there. You can literally feel the underlying comic. 

The story is really simple, Guy likes a girl but someone from his family has done something bad to the girl so her can’t date her. Most of the drama revolves around Lee Se Young, it is actually her story,  and the other people are there as supporting characters, even the main ones.  

The Law Café K-Drama Review
The Law Café K-Drama Review

The First 8-9 episodes had good comedy, romance, and the social issues raised. Later it was just repeated things happening like first, someone will come with a case, then Lee Se Young will take it, will make some mistake, ask for Lee Seung Gi’s help and he will help them reluctantly. 

Now about the characters, Lee Se Young: The is the best part of this drama, she is really cool, smart, beautiful, hot, and strong but also have weakness, is ready to help, is really funny, admits mistake, isn’t ashamed to ask for other’s help.

But sometimes it felt she was doing too much i.e exaggerating what actually should be done. 

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Lee Seung Gi: He doesn’t have any actual aim or a goal, everything he does is because of Lee Se Young. His whole life revolves around her, He is a “yes man” when it comes to Lee Se Young, he may oppose or disagree with her but later he just goes along with her.

In the latter half, it seems kind of a pathetic character, whose only function is to make Lee Se Young shine. In my honest opinion, he is actually the Main Supporting Character, not the main character.

The Law Café K-Drama Review
The Law Café K-Drama Review

The bad guy: No personality, acts like a 5yr old kid, no good motivation. 

Supporting Characters: Well they are just supporting, some might have some kind of story in initial episodes but that’s it, later they are there just to react to whatever the leads do, mainly the Lee Se Young. 

Cast: Talented and amazing actors, especially Lee Se Young, she is amazing, in every scene of her you will find how amazing of an actor she is.

Lee Seung Gi, felt like he was just there for a time to pass, he had some good scenes to show his acting but most of the time it felt really off. 


Overall: It is a drama where it will take you 2-3 episodes to adjust, and then a fun ride till episodes 8-9, later it is repeating and boring with many filler episodes.


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