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The Forever Purge Movie Review

The Forever Purge is the fifth film in the Purge film series. The movie is directed by Everardo Gout, this is only the first movie he has directed and before this he has only directed TV episodes of various TV series.

In the film, the US government has restarted the annual Purge program. For example, there is another night in the year when all crimes including murder are allowed. When the Purge night is over, a cult decides to break the rules and go ahead with the Purge.

Juan (Tenoch Huerta) must now protect his own family and the family he works for from the criminals who are now breaking all the rules.

That this film was made by a novice director and the writer of all Purge films is reflected in the quality of the film. The Purge events seem a bit repetitive and exaggerated and are portrayed in a cheap way. For example, many deaths are filmed off-screen, so that you often do not get to see the end result.

By now playing the Purge events in daylight, the film does lose the tension that slasher films have by letting the killer commit his murders in the shadows of the night. This way you can also see the cheapness of the film earlier.

Slasher fans may be annoyed by the cheap and unrealistic horror effects. Dolls were used for the dead bodies and the fake blood is thicker and darker than real blood. Furthermore, they only try to create tension with jump scares, but most of them are predictable and don’t work like that.

Like the other Purge film, the film also has a political message. This time it’s a lot about how hard it is for immigrants in a new homeland with a corrupt, racist society.

The film cast also consists more of actors who have played more TV roles or only minor movie roles. Most also play characters that aren’t really developed in the film, making the viewer quickly forget their names and what they do. When a name is mentioned of a character who has disappeared or has been killed, you often do not know exactly which character it is. But I liked one character and cared about in this movie was Josh Lucas, he did lot of side roles ( Ford V Ferrari, Hulk, The Lincoln Lawyer, Tell-tale, and Stolen). He was the only known person in this film.

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