The Crimes That Bind ( Crímenes De Familia) 2020 – Movie Review

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If you love drama flicks, where social diversities and where there are opportunities and opportunists, where the hearts are open for everyone, and that cruelties should be sorted out in a decent and fair played way, then this might be for you.

The Crimes That Bind (2020) (Spanish: Crímenes de familia) is a 2020 Argentine psychological thriller film directed by Sebastián Schinde.

Cecilia Roth as Alicia Campos in The Crimes That Bind 2020

Packed with cold, face-slapping true facts regarding the life of poor, under-educated women that are treated like less entitled to basic rights, alone and non-important, this drama is determined to make us face reality on many different levels. This movie is slow but promising, and it delivers a strong, important message

Alicia and Ignacio at court in The Crimes That Bind 2020

This movie is based on real events and that makes the film sadder. The problem with this film is the pacing in my opinion. It is too slow and sometimes boring. After the 3/4 of the film it gets faster and the tension increases. This movie is heartbreaking and it just’s … it’s really WOW. The acting is amazing every single actor nails the role. If it wasn’t that slow this movie could be a masterpiece.

Yanina Ávila, the actress behind the role of Gladys shares in fact several qualities with the woman she portrays: she was born in a low-resource family, hasn’t finished primary level studies, and is actually a single mom to the same boy she mothers in the film (Santiago). She has been underpaid for this Netflix production, as divulged in the Argentine media, and is still living in Misiones while working her cleaning job, hoping to get more acting roles in the future to improve her financial situation.

Alicia Campos and Daniel Arrieta are at dinning table in The Crimes That Bind 2020

The movie was really amazing. Nice plot, very relatable with real-life events, how moms always help their children and sometimes they become blind for everything else. It’s in my top10 of 2020 movies so far. Really recommended. I really can’t understand the low rating though.

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