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Do you want to know more about SEO? If you answered yes, this post is for you. It includes a list of the Best 5 Seo Training Courses – Most useful SEO Training Courses and certifications that you may utilize in 2022 to improve your SEO talents.

Do you want to learn the ins and outs of SEO? To begin with, SEO is not easy.

To be honest, SEO is a big sea with a multibillion-dollar industry. So, if you want to build a career out of it and become an SEO expert, you should take SEO courses to learn the basics.

We’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of the best online SEO courses.

Some of these courses also include certification, so you’ll have a trustworthy badge and/or SEO certification to add to your collection.

list of the Best 5 Seo Training Courses

  1. Moz SEO Training
  2. SEMRush Academy
  3. Coursera
  4. Lynda SEO Courses
  5. The Blueprint Training
Best 5 Seo Training Courses Most useful SEO Training Courses » Broadway Originals
Seo Training Courses

We’ll go over the greatest SEO training courses available to you here.

Let’s get into the specifics without further ado.

1. Moz SEO Training

Moz is without a doubt one of the best websites for learning SEO in the world. Also, Moz offers a unique instructor-led SEO training program in addition to various video lessons, in-depth guides, and whiteboard Friday films to help you learn SEO.

Moz SEO Training

It offers training to a wide spectrum of people, including:

  • Beginners.
  • Users at the intermediate level.
  • Advanced SEO users and Personalized training courses where you may personalize your training experience to learn SEO quickly.

Overall, Moz Training is the ideal location to invest your time and money to learn all about SEO principles, from keyword research to local company SEO to eCommerce SEO, and so on.

Their training fees range from $149 to $595 for a 5-day SEO Bootcamp that is alive, instructor-led session that covers fundamental SEO strategies like research, competitive analysis, reporting, link building, and much more.


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2. SEMRush Academy 

The SEMRush Academy SEO training course can help both small eCommerce retailers and enterprise-level businesses. SEMrush has a unique viewpoint on search engine optimization training because they already supply one of the industry’s most popular SEO solutions.

Also, the SEMRush school course consists of nine modules and includes the SEMrush Content Marketing Kit, which will assist you in improving your digital marketing skills.

SEMRush Academy - Seo Training Courses

SEMRush Academy also offers other SEO/UX optimization tactics, such as how to enhance the amount of time spent on a website (along with tackling bounce rate and page speed).

If you want to up your game, the “Required Skills for SEO Specialists” document will help you, and the certificate you’ll receive will demonstrate to potential clients that you’re the real deal.

SEMRush Academy is an engrossing SEO training course with simple content, access to industry experts, and long-term reference material.


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3. Coursera

Coursera is one of the largest online learning platforms, with courses spanning from SEO to web design to coding.

And Coursera was founded by Stanford researchers in 2012, and it is now used by over 24 million people worldwide to pursue online courses on nearly every major subject.

Coursera » Broadway Originals

What services does it supply, and how much does the Coursera SEO course cost?

You will gain access to the following courses after enrolling in this SEO course:

  • An overview of search engine optimization.
  • Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization
  • Learn the ins and outs of website optimization, from doing the first assessment to receiving suggestions.
  • As part of your SEO plan, use content marketing and social media.
  • Strategies for Advanced Search Engine Optimization.
  • Client Report on Website Optimization

To access this training program and all of Coursera’s other courses, you must subscribe to Coursera, which costs $49 per month.


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4. Lynda SEO Courses

Lynda is one of the largest online educational companies, founded in 1995 by Lynda Weinman, and provides courses ranging from free to premium on a variety of topics such as SEO, technology, and business.

The following are some of the benefits of taking Lynda courses:

  • Over 10,000 expert-led courses on topics ranging from technology to SEO to photography are available.
  • There is no limit to the number of courses you may watch.
  • You may watch it whenever you want on your computer or phone (they also have android and ios apps).
  • You may easily access and view classes from your PC or mobile device, and after you finish a course, you can get a certificate.

So, if you’re looking for a selection of SEO courses as well as digital marketing courses in one place, Lynda is a popular choice!

Lynda SEO Courses » Broadway Originals

What services does it offer, and how much are Lynda courses?

On the Lynda website, you can find a plethora of SEO-related courses that can help you hone your SEO skills, as well as courses that cover topics such as:

  • Understanding keyword research, including how keywords operate, long-tail keywords, phrase patterns, and plurals.
  • Identifying searcher intent so that you can bring in more high-quality visitors to enhance your sales.
  • Strategies for establishing links
  • Audits of the site.
  • SEO for technical purposes.
  • Measuring keyword competition and brand effect, as well as researching keyword demand and trends.
  • Adding keywords to your website to improve its searchability.
  • Competitor analysis, among other things.

Lynda accepts monthly payments and charges $29 per month to access their courses.


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5. The Blueprint Training

Blueprint Training’s SEO course serves as a training ground for SEO experts, corporations, and consultants. SEO influencers Ryan Stewart and David Krevitt created the course.

These are self-taught digital agency owners who have created and sold profitable businesses. Even though many market influencers and trainers have no genuine clientele, Ryan and David practice what they preach.

The Blueprint Training 1 » Broadway Originals

The course is one-of-a-kind in that it includes SEO training, SEO service sales and marketing, and SEO service fulfillment from start to finish. The platform is made up of a few primary components.

  • Processes. The platform is an all-in-one SEO solution that you can use right away. Parts (such as new campaign onboarding, project planning, technical audits, keyword research, and so on) focus on teaching you how to run an advanced SEO campaign for clients.
  • There is video training available. There are dozens of short video lessons in each module that cover both fundamentals and over-the-shoulder “how-to” instructions. These videos are great for onboarding new workers, and contractors, or brushing up on your SEO knowledge.
  • Templates. Each module comes with ready-to-use templates (such as monthly SEO reports and audit templates), tools (like content audits, traffic estimations, and agency predictions), and established SOP standards.
  • Community. Exclusive savings on your favorite SEO tools, as well as individual consultations with Ryan Stewart and David Krevitt, the inventors of The Blueprint. A secret Slack channel where hundreds of agencies share daily insider knowledge, weekly “office hours” to answer any issues members may have, unique discounts on your favorite SEO tools, and private counseling with The Blueprint’s creators, Ryan Stewart and David Krevitt.


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Is this SEO training course right for you?

While this course is appropriate for SEO students at all levels, it is specially designed for intermediate to advanced marketers and digital agency owners who want to expand and/or scale their SEO firms.

How much does “The Blueprint Training” SEO training cost?

The Blueprint Training SEO course costs $2,999 and may be paid in three $1,000 installments.


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Final Verdict: Seo Training Courses

SEO is rapidly growing, and if you want to keep ahead of the curve, you should start learning about it right now. Just don’t put it off; rather than ignoring SEO totally, start small and concentrate on the next action item.

This page has prepared a list of some of the Best SEO training courses, ranging from free to premium, so you can pick to take those courses based on your budget.

So, what are your thoughts on the best training courses presented on this page? Were they beneficial to you?

Please leave your suggestions in the comments below, and if we missed any of your favorite SEO courses, we’ll try our best to include them.


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