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Riders of Justice (Danish) is a 2020 Danish action comedy film directed and written by Anders Thomas Jensen.

This film contains many things: death, violence, murder, revenge, family problems, current abuse, past abuse, mental health problems . . . And comedy!

With there being so many serious subjects you would think the comedy would not work, but it does – it flows naturally from some of the bizarre situations.

Riders Of Justice (2020) Movie Review Broadwayoriginals.com

At the heart of this film are coincidences (chaos theory?), a family tragedy and a bunch of “misfits” who somehow come together and ultimately help the family.

A surprising, wonderful, moving film – highly recommended.

Riders Of Justice (2020) Movie Review Broadwayoriginals.com

The first and last scenes focus on the girl whose “fault” this all was. That is, I think this is meant to emphasize that her ordinary, blameless, actions started off a chain of events which led to a train wreck (which WAS just an accident) and death, and these sorts of coincidences can and do happen all the time with no real explanation. 

A Great Movie If You Have Insight

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