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People enjoy Real Money Earning Games on their phones when they have free time or a break from their hectic schedules.

Do you realize that playing games can make you money?

Online games can be found that pay real money, allowing you to turn your pastime into a passive income source.

Making money is essential for increasing wealth and achieving financial objectives. The invention of the internet has made it simpler to make money; you may now do it by completing surveys, viewing films, playing online games, etc.

If you are successful at it and start earning a good income, you can also try your luck; you do not have to quit your job to do this; you can do it in your spare time.

To earn gift cards, other rewards, or cash through PayPal, play games. If you enjoy playing games, this is the job for you.

List of 10 Best Games That Pay Real Money


Here are a few of the top websites that might assist you in earning a respectable sum of money simply by playing games. All of the sites on this list are entirely legitimate and secure because they were chosen after extensive research:


1. Strike!

Cash and free bowling games are available as prizes on this app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It is a great entertaining sports game for those who enjoy playing online bowling.

Strike Real Money Earning Games » Broadway Originals
Real Money Earning Games

You can participate in weekly tournaments to win money, and you can also win additional prizes like passes to bowling alleys like AMF, Bowlero, and Bowlmor Lanes.

You must pay a little fee to take part in the competitions on this site; it is not free. You can earn money for playing frequently in addition to prizes for great scores. They provide the traditional 10-pin game and blacklight lanes as their two gaming options.


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2. Moo Cash

This platform offers a variety of opportunities to make money, like completing surveys and playing games, watching videos, browsing, downloading games, etc.

Moo Cash Real Money Earning Games » Broadway Originals

You can do these tasks to earn points that you can then use to make cash payments. You can instantly deposit funds into your PayPal account or purchase gift cards from renowned retailers like Amazon.


3. Wealth Words

Wealth Words may be the ideal platform for you if you enjoy playing mental games like scrabble, word games, trivia, etc.

Here, you may play games for real money without having to pay any fees in exchange for utilizing your brain. This platform also offers the most popular internet trend, “online crossword games.”

Wealth Words Real Money Earning Games » Broadway Originals
Real Money Earning Games

As long as you have access to the internet, you may complete the straightforward crosswords in a few minutes. You pay between $0.50 and $1 to enter a contest, and if you properly match every hint, you win prizes.

They pay you using PayPal and have a $20 minimum cash-out requirement.


4. iRazoo

They provide customers with a variety of opportunities to earn points in exchange for cash and gift cards, including playing games, viewing videos, downloading apps, completing offers, and filling out surveys.

The good news is that the activities they provide—like crosswords, solitaire, and Mahjongg—are fairly engaging and interactive.

iRazoo Real Money Earning Games » Broadway Originals

Each game you play will get you points, thus the more games you play, the more points you can gain. If you want to start making money playing games, iRazoo is a fantastic platform to use.

Every day, they update the tasks, so you can keep an eye on them and make an informed decision. Additionally, if you tell your friends about this app, you get bonus points added to your account.


5. Drop

You only need to download the app, register an account, and link your card to receive free gift cards for playing arcade games. They provide a vast selection of games from which you can choose, including casino games, game shows, and others.

This list is updated constantly, so it frequently varies.

Drop Real Money Earning Games » Broadway Originals

You can begin earning points by engaging in a variety of tasks, including playing games, completing surveys, taking advantage of discounts, and making purchases at your favorite retailers.

In order to engage in one-on-one competitions against opponents with a comparable skill set or level, they team up with Skillz. Through a number of different platforms, including PayPal, Visa, and Apple Pay, you can withdraw the money you’ve earned.

Both iOS and Android users can get this app.


6. Givling

Users can play trivia games on both Android and iOS devices using this software. They provide monetary incentives and support borrowers of student loans.

The Givling app serves more than just loan repayment; in fact, you can use it to make a good amount of money each week and spend it as you like.

Givling Real Money Earning Games » Broadway Originals

Giving offers primarily two ways to gain money: the first is through playing trivia games every day, up to twice each day.

In order to complete the round or miss a lot of questions, you must join a three-person team for each team you win and respond to true or false trivia questions. You can gain more points the more correct answers you provide.

If your team earns the most points, you win and get to divide the prize.

Playing daily games for queue points is the second way to make money with Givling. Additionally, there is a crowdsourcing line for borrowers of school debts. While playing games, you will be required to watch advertisements.


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7. Long game

They function differently from the others on the list; for example, with the Long game, you can earn interest on your bank account in addition to money from gaming.

Your current savings balance will determine how many coins you receive because they link your savings or current account to a partner bank.

Long game Real Money Earning Games » Broadway Originals

Users of the savings account receive a 0.1% APY, while the checking account does not. You will receive coins as soon as you make a deposit into your Long game savings account.

If you’d like, you can also choose to have debit card purchases automatically round up to the nearest dollar and put the difference into savings.

You may use it for free for 30 days, and during the first week, you’ll get access to the Diamond edition, which is the top tier. They would only be permitted to utilize the basic version for the final three weeks.


8. MyPoints

On MyPoints, you may earn money by taking surveys, viewing movies, and playing games. To make money, you can utilize myPoints.com, Android, or iOS.

Because it also offers incentives for finishing the tasks, this website is somewhat comparable to Swagbucks. The good news is that you will receive a bonus as soon as you register with them thanks to their $10 joining incentive.

MyPoints Real Money Earning Games » Broadway Originals

Additionally, once you’ve accrued 700 points, you’ll be able to conduct a survey and have your earnings cashed out instantly or get a $5 gift card. The points can be redeemed anywhere for your preferred gift card, or you can choose to have them sent to your PayPal account.

You can also use MyPoints for saving money whenever you shop; they reward you with around 40% in points when you purchase at a partnered retailer’s store or website.


9. Inbox Dollars

On Inbox Dollars, you can find Real Money Earning Games if you’re seeking them. On this site, enrollment takes just two minutes, and after you’re done, you’ll receive a $5 bonus. Inbox Dollars is a game that you may play for just 5 to 10 minutes a day and make about $50.

Inbox Dollars Real Money Earning Games » Broadway Originals

It was introduced in 2000, and as of this writing, its members have reportedly received awards of about $60 million. On iOS and Android devices as well as your PC, you may play games, share reviews, and earn money.

The good thing is that it is a cash-based online rewards club that pays for easy online activities such as playing games, reading advertising emails, printing coupons, etc.


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10. Blackout Bingo

As you may recall, bingo used to be a game of chance where you could win if you were lucky and had the appropriate card. You have total control over how much money you can make using this program.

Everyone playing would be able to see identical balls and cards thanks to this app’s simple interface. To become a master of bingo, you must possess a great deal of focus, quickness, and planning.

Blackout Bingo Real Money Earning Games » Broadway Originals

You can download this software on an Android or iOS mobile device, and if you win, you’ll receive cash rewards. One round of the game lasts only two minutes and is completely free to play.

Additionally, you can take use of its distinctive features, such as employing boosts to increase your chances of winning, earning extra points by daubing the correct box when the number is announced, Bingo and double bingos, etc.


11. Mistplay

It is an Android-only app that rewards you for playing different kinds of mobile games. Although there are many different games available on this app, which was launched in 2017, you might need to buy them in order to fast advance to more difficult levels.

Because of the benefits they provide its members, they describe itself as a “loyalty program for mobile gamers,” which is completely accurate.

Mistplay Real Money Earning Games » Broadway Originals
Real Money Earning Games

They serve a distinct purpose, which is to link game developers and test players. The app’s recommendation of games for players to play to make real money is a plus. Despite this, you can select any game from the list, download it, and begin playing it to make money.

You might make $3 to $5 per hour with Mistplay, and they typically pay with gift cards.



These were some of the top video games that offered real money in exchange for the game’s built-in points. Playing these games online is entertaining, and you may also make a respectable monthly income from them.

Before you begin playing, remember to study the game’s rules and payment information since this will assist you to choose which game to play and on which platform.


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