Predators 2010 Movie Review: Rewatched after a Long Time, Still holds up better than Shane Black’s movie by far!

You are currently viewing Predators 2010 Movie Review: Rewatched after a Long Time, Still holds up better than Shane Black’s movie by far!

Director: Nimród Antal

Cast: Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, Alice Braga, Walton Goggins, and Topher Grace.

Streaming: Disney Hotstar


A mixed bag of mercenaries and militia people find themselves on an alien planet that acts as a game preserve where they are being hunted. They must join forces to combat a ruthless race of aliens.

Predators 2010 Movie Review:

The original Predator (1987) the movie was a classic, largely because of its simplistic plot, but naturally helped along by the presence of Mr. Schwarzenegger is up against a cool alien.

A simple story about people being hunted by alien species combined with excellent special effects and suspense works fantastic in the Predators movie.

Everything from the first Predator film is back: the game, the hunters, the jungle, and the suspense. Nothing is new but everything is upgraded to a high-quality standard which makes this the best film for Sunday Night Watch.

Predators 2010 Movie Review
Predators 2010 Movie Review

The opening of this movie is epic and is easily one of the best openings in a movie. It helps the plot go right to the point with a momentum of energy. The story is nothing new except it’s on a bigger scale. Instead of the Predators hunting on earth, they abduct worthy opponents to their planet for the game.

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Adrian Brody portrays Royce, the protagonist who meets other people he must survive with. You will see everything you saw in the first Predator (1987) film. There are many references and tie-ins it’s almost like a remake.

The acting in Predators is solid and it goes well with the timing of music and action. There are well-executed jump scare scenes throughout the film. Adrian Brody is great; he buffed up and is a new character. Don’t let his past films get in the way.

Also, you might see a little less of Lawrence Fishburne than you’d expect which I found his character unnecessary, except that he provides information about the Predators. That could have been done in another way. There was one scene of character development that was unnecessarily long.

Predators 2010 Review
Predators 2010 Movie Review

Some of this could have been cut down. The supporting cast is interesting and comes with their own stories. They include a Russian soldier, a Yakuza member, a convict, and a Black Ops sniper. While some have more screen time than others, they play off each other well and are interesting to watch.

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There have been statements that say this movie is predictable. This is only partly true. Predators is an action survival flick that has been fortified. Everything is better since the last installments. The acting and the special effects.

you would like to see. Some great CG was used in this film and it improves visually. However, some scenes had very bright colors and it was disturbing to the eye. They used the original Predator theme and some of the new soundtracks were effective in increasing the suspense.

Verdict: Predators 2010 Movie Review

Predators are not perfect but one hell of a film. Its suspense level is extreme; your heart will beat fast throughout the two hours and you don’t get many breaks. It’s got steady action and a great balance of sound. The sound is never too ear-piercing or quiet and adds greatly to the setting.

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