Poker Face (2022) Review: “Not Great Nor Not Bad but Russell Crowe should Stick To His Acting Career Rather Than Directing”

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Poker Face (2022) Review

Director: Russell Crowe

Cinematography: Aaron McLisky Language: English

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Streaming: Theaters & Vudu


A tech billionaire hosts a high-stakes poker game between friends, but the evening takes a turn when long-held secrets are revealed, an elaborate revenge plot unfolds, and thieves break in.


Russell Crowe plays a billionaire who has to confront his own mortality, so he does it in a very billionaire-ish manner. The only problem is his plans are interrupted by art thieves…

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Well filmed and almost worth watching for the scenery and camera work alone. The real issue with Poker Face is that it wants to be too many things and doesn’t succeed in any special way at any of them.


Poker Face 2022 Review » Broadway Originals
Poker Face (2022) Review


It’s not much of a drama about life and mortality, though it is a little bit; it’s not much of a thriller though there’s some crime and betrayal; Action? Forget it (though it does try to tease at it with fast cars and a few guns).

It tries to do a lot but ends up with little substance at all. We never connect or care about any of the characters and there are no particularly memorable moments.

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The casting didn’t do it any favors either, but it was more the writing. It’s not at all about poker, there’s merely one hand shown and both players had the nuts, so no consequence came of it.


Poker Face (2022) Review
Poker Face (2022) Review


Though, the Cinematography work is excellent. All the landscape shots of Australia, car race sequence, Aerial shots of the farmhouse, and poker game.


Poker Face lacks true suspense and emotion connect between characters but you have to give it a try for its cinematography. Russell Crowe, please concentrate on your Acting, please.


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