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Real Money Earning Games:  Paytm Cash Earning Games

Paytm, one of India’s top merchants for payment gateways has made it incredibly simple to send money to anyone, anytime, anywhere. This is one of the main reasons RBI granted Paytm powers and a license to launch a payment bank, known as Paytm Payments Bank.

Paytm has added a lot more to make it enjoyable and one of your sources of income. Yes, you can earn a lot of incentives and Paytm cash by playing the top games for earning Paytm money that we’ll list in this tutorial. Additionally, Paytm provides a variety of money-making games on the “Paytm First Games” platform that enable you to win thrilling prizes.

The fact that it offers games in a variety of genres, such as a quiz, cricket, football, horse race betting, mobile rummy, and much more, is its strongest feature. You only need a smartphone and an internet connection to play these games and win rewards through them.

list of Top 10 Paytm Cash Earning Games Online Free

In India, there is a tonne of real money-earning games. It could become challenging to decide whether games are trustworthy and will give you Paym money. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of Paytm Cash Earning Games in India that are completely reputable and let you win fantastic prizes with ease.

You can view the carefully chosen list of the top 10 Paytm Cash Earning Games that have the potential to be a respectable source of income here:


1) Paytm First Games

Paytm First, as the name implies, is a gaming platform that Paytm has launched. It enables you to participate in a variety of entertaining and interactive activities while earning Paytm cash. 

Paytm First Games 1 » Broadway Originals

You can keep accumulating awards by playing these games. The portal offers more than 200 alluring games of various genres, including rummy, quizzes, fantasy games, and competitions.

Some of the best Paytm first games that pay handsome cashback and rewards include Loco, Tic Tac Toe, Howzat, Swag Bucks, Qrumble Box, Top Quiz Game, Pass the Bomb, Trivia Live, and many others.


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2) RummyCircle

With RummyCircle, you may play rummy with your pals and earn rewards points on another of the finest Paytm money-making apps. Both PCs and mobile devices can use the app.

You can register your account for free after downloading it. You receive a 2000 rupee joining incentive for each new registration.


Start playing and earning additional Paytm cash up to Rs. 500 by referring friends to the game. Around the world, the game is played by millions of individuals.

The majority of players are taking advantage of the extra money and awards offered by this fantastic game’s special Paytm promotion.


3) MPL (Mobile Premier League)

Most people are already aware of the e-sports and gaming platform known as MPL. In India, it is the most popular Paytm money-making game. You might be thinking that this game was created with cricket fans in mind, but that is untrue.

Even if cricket isn’t your thing, you’ll still enjoy the games and possibly win a sizable sum of Paytm cash.

MPL Mobile Premier League 1 » Broadway Originals

More than 60 games are available on MPL, such as Fruit Dart, Tiny Militia, Ice Jumpd, Pirate Tanks, and NEW. Additionally, MPL is the most well-known organizer of the PUBG and Garena Free Fire competitions.

The app gives you a 50 rupee signup bonus and gives you the chance to earn up to 75 rupees on each referral you make.


4) Ludo Supreme

Do you enjoy playing Ludo? Have you ever considered the possibility of earning fantastic benefits while having fun and playing your preferred game? No, Ludo Supreme has given us a chance here.

The ability to play with friends and defeat them to earn more reward points makes the game a lucrative prospect.

Ludo Supreme 1 » Broadway Originals

Present your talents to the world while earning up to Rs. 2 to 150 in Paytm cash for each tournament you win. The best aspect is that matches only last 10 minutes and tournaments are available all day.

Additionally, if you regularly log in to Ludo Supreme, you can earn Rs. 15 for each recommendation you make as well as a sizable amount of tokens.


5) Winzo Gold

If you play Winzo Gold’s 15+ games frequently and successfully, you can earn Paytm cash. One of the first Paytm earning platforms, it offers a huge selection of games.

You can earn Rs. 34 for each download made using your referral link by telling your friends about it and sharing the referral code with them. Cool! Is it not? You will also receive a sign-up bonus of Rs. 50.

Winzo Gold » Broadway Originals

The Winzo Superstar referral scheme for influencers is another feature of the app. Once you sign up for this service, you can start earning real money that you can deposit into your bank account.

As a result, if you enjoy playing games like Call of Duty, Clash Royale, Free Fire, etc., you may win tournaments for these games and receive a lot of incentives as well as real money.


6) Winzy

Online games that yield Paytm money are abundant at Winzy. The platform is best recognized for offering the hottest games to play for free and letting you win a respectable sum of Paytm cash each time.

Winzy » Broadway Originals

The Hindi and English versions of the app are user-friendly. Additionally, it has more than 2 million players and a rating of 4.8.

Do you want to know what games on this platform are the best? Knife Up, Pizza Slice, Feed me, Bubble Shooter, and 100 Seconds Crash are some of the games you must play to be eligible to win special gifts and prizes.


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7) Galo App

Galo is a fantastic gaming platform that offers gamers access to more than 100 Paytm money-making games. In contrast to many other platforms, the games on the Galo app are completely free to play.

You might get a 50 rupee welcome bonus when you sign up for the platform.

Galo App » Broadway Originals

You can earn between Rs. 300 and Rs. 500 in Paytm cash by participating in and winning the games. By spinning the wheel, you can also win Rs. 100 using the app.

By logging in every day, watching advertising, and earning 50+ coins by unlocking the treasure box, users earn the right to get bonus goodies. The best thing is that you may withdraw your earnings from Galo right away into your Paytm wallet.


8) Qeeda

Another well-known game app that offers a lucrative possibility to earn pleasant surprises and Paytm cash while playing is Qeeda.

The platform is packed with a variety of games from various genres. By your taste, you can pick any. This gaming platform features many well-liked games, such as Lucky Dice, Dots and Boxes, Free Fire Tournament, etc.

Qeeda » Broadway Originals

Users who recommend the software to others can get paid. Every download made via your referral link will earn you money that you may put toward a variety of expenses. The best feature of Qeeda is the ability for users to deposit earnings into their bank accounts.


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9) Zupee Gold

This game is for you if you read a lot, are interested in world events, keep up with the latest news, and enjoy reading. There are straightforward questions in this online trivia game. 

Zupee Gold » Broadway Originals

You can get paid with Paytm money online by answering those questions correctly. From more than 500 topics, users can select one to study for a quiz based on.

There is no cap on how much you can make using this software; you are free to work as long as you like.


10) Gamezy

Gamezy is a platform with a huge selection of games that let players make good money. For game enthusiasts who wish to demonstrate their analytical abilities and win fantastic rewards and gifts, this mobile gaming platform was created especially for them.

GameZy 1 » Broadway Originals

One of the top online fantasy apps requires you to compete in leagues and win to receive real money in your Paytm wallet.

You have the chance to win a 30 rupee signup bonus on the platform. Additionally, it allows users to profit up to Rs. 10 from each productive recommendation. Gamezy’s quick Paytm withdrawals with a minimum withdrawal amount of Rs. 25 are its finest feature.


Final Conclusion:

All of the games listed in this post are entirely trustworthy and legitimate. These games can turn into a tremendous source of income without requiring much work from you. You should still read the terms and conditions before beginning, though.

Earned Paytm cash can be used for a variety of things, including recharging mobile devices, paying utility or other bills, arranging travel arrangements, and much more.



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