The Flower Of Evil Kdrama Review

Flower of Evil (Korean) is a South Korean television series starring Lee Joon-gi, Moon Chae-won, Jang Hee-jin, and Seo Hyun-woo. This show is amazing. You don't want to miss it. Acting/ Cast-…

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Anbe Sivam 2003 Tamil Film Review

Anbe Sivam (transl. Love Is God) is a 2003 Indian Tamil-language comedy-drama film directed by Sundar C.  The film was written by Kamal Haasan, and Madhan provided the dialogues. Anbe Sivam stars Haasan, Madhavan and Kiran Rathod, with Nassar, Santhana Bharathi, Seema and Uma Riyaz…

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Swades (2004) Movie Review

Swades (transl. Homeland) is a 2004 Indian Hindi-language drama film written, produced and directed by Ashutosh Gowariker. The film stars Shahrukh Khan, Gayatri Joshi, Kishori Ballal in leading roles. Nothing comes closer to the feeling of…

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Mouse (2021) Kdrama Review

Mouse (Korean: 마우스; RR: Mauseu) is a thrillerSouth Korean television series starring Lee Seung-gi, Lee Hee-joon, Park Ju-hyun and Kyung Soo-jin. The series, directed by Choi Joon-bae and Kang Cheol-woo and written by Choi Ran I like…

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Escape Room: Tournament Of Champions Movie Review

After surviving a series of harrowing, deadly escape rooms designed by Minos Escape Rooms Corporation, Zoey and Ben are determined to bring it to justice for the personally witnessed deaths of those who hadn't survived them. On their way to confront Minos in New York City, they are unexpectedly trapped with several other survivors of other escape rooms. They must all work together to get through yet another gauntlet of Minos' more elaborate and dangerous escape rooms if they are to have any hope of putting a stop to its murderous games once and for all.

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