Open Air Cinemas In Hyderabad: Sunset Cinema Club Your favorite movies, now outdoors!

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Open Air Cinemas In Hyderabad: Also known as outdoor cinemas, have become a popular trend in recent years. In Hyderabad, the concept of open-air cinemas is not new, but it is gaining more popularity among the younger generation. With the increasing number of outdoor screenings and pop-up events, it’s clear that Hyderabad is embracing this unique cinema experience.

Open-air cinemas are essentially movie screenings held outdoors. They are usually set up in parks, gardens, rooftops, or other outdoor venues that provide an open space for people to sit and enjoy a movie under the stars. The concept has become popular all around the world, as it provides a unique and memorable experience that cannot be replicated in a regular cinema hall.

Open Air Cinemas In Hyderabad: Sunset Cinema Club

Although Hyderabad has some impressive movie theatres with plush recliners and top-notch décor, one part of the city’s cinema experience has been missing: the ability to see a movie in an open-air theatre.

So, for those who have been obsessing about it, get ready to experience a new and thrilling way to watch films, as the ‘Sunset Cinema Club’ has made its debut in Hyderabad and is revolutionizing how we view films.

Open Air Cinemas In Hyderabad: Sunset Cinema Club
Open Air Cinemas In Hyderabad: Sunset Cinema Club

With its magnificent outdoor rooftop setting and a broad selection of old cult masterpieces and famous fan favorites from Bollywood and Hollywood, this one-of-a-kind cinema venue, located at One Brewery in Hyderabad’s Financial District, is shaking up the movie-going market.

Consider watching your favorite films under the stars, with the cool night breeze and soothing buzz of the city as your backdrop. The outdoor seating arrangements of Sunset Cinema Club, which include bean bags and mattresses, offer a wonderfully intimate and pleasant watching experience that will transport you to a world of cinematic magic.

Different Categories At Sunset Cinema Club

unique movie-viewing experiences with different seating setups like —

  • ‘Sky Cinema’ with rooftop seating
  • ‘Picnic Cinemas’ with bean bag and mattress seating, which can be ideal for summer nights
  • To beat the heat, the organizers are also introducing the third category ‘Bathtub’ cinema soon in which separate pools will be allotted for seating.

Details of Timings, Tickets, and Prices

  • The screenings begin after 7 p.m. only on weekends.
  • Tickets can be purchased through their websites (Sunset Cinema Club), BookMyShow, or Zomato.
  • They also offer membership options for frequent moviegoers from Rs 3000.
  • Ticket prices range from Rs 400 to Rs 1600, depending on the seating setup.
  • It will cost you Rs2,000 to display a special message for your loved ones on the screen.
Sunset Cinema Club in Hyderabad
Open Air Cinemas In Hyderabad: Sunset Cinema Club

The Sunset Cinema Club also posts the movie schedule on its website ahead of time, focusing mainly on old classic films. They showcase movies based on the occasion or theme every week.

Visit Their Site: Sunset Cinema Club Hyderabad

In conclusion,

open-air cinemas are a unique and unforgettable cinema experience that is becoming increasingly popular in Hyderabad. With a range of venues offering movie screenings under the stars, there has never been a better time to enjoy a movie in the great outdoors.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic date night or a fun night out with friends, open-air cinemas in Hyderabad offer a range of options that are sure to meet your needs. So grab your popcorn and head out to one of these iconic venues for a movie experience like no other!

  1. What does my ticket include?

    The ticket includes entry to the movie screening only.

  2. Will there be FOOD & Beverages available at the avenue?

    Kindly check the event for details on the availability of Food and Beverages at the venue.

  3. Are Children Allowed?

    Children are allowed subject to the film’s certification. Our stewards will ensure all audience members are of suitable age to see the film. In case kids are allowed, entry is free for kids below 5 years of age.

  4. Are there Toilet facilities available?

    Yes, toilet facilities are available at all our venues.

  5. Can I cancel my ticket?

    There are no cancellations. You can only reschedule your ticket in case a show is canceled by SCC for any reason.


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