My Secret Terrius K-Drama Review: A fun enough story that mixed elements of romantic comedy, family, and spy action

You are currently viewing My Secret Terrius K-Drama Review: A fun enough story that mixed elements of romantic comedy, family, and spy action

My Secret Terrius K-Drama Review

Director: Park Sang Hoon, Park Sang Woo

Other Name: Terius Behind Me

Episodes: 16

Cast: So Ji-sub, Jung In-sun, Son Ho-jun and Im Se-mi.

Streaming: Zee5 (Hindi)


Go Ae Rin suddenly loses her husband. A mysterious man, Kim Bon, lives next door. Kim Bon is a legendary NIS agent. He helps Ae Rin uncover a conspiracy in which their husband became involved.

My Secret Terrius K-Drama Review:

I need to thank whoever decided to make So Ji Sub (Always 2011[My Favorite Movie], A Company Man 2012, and The BattleShip Island 2017 – Fame) into a Secret Agent-Babysitter which is pretty much the perfect man.

That concept may sound crazy, but it actually works exceptionally well in this drama that is equal parts comedy and spy thriller. The comedy parts are charming and genuinely made me laugh.

The thriller parts weren’t too heavy or dark but still managed to be surprisingly exciting complete with some cliffhanger episode endings. The lead actress made me frustrated often, but I quickly fell in love with this show and the entire cast.

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Of course, I will start with So Ji Sub, who this role seems custom-made for. I always admire his acting but to see his more comedic side, even as the serious-faced straight man, was really impressive. He definitely gets to show off his acting skills too, and kick @ss in a way that made me swoon, but there are also so many funny scenes that made Kim Bon irresistibly charming.

My Secret Terrius K-Drama Review
My Secret Terrius K-Drama Review

He was matched well with Jung In Sun as Go Ae Rin, who I think played her role well even if I was often annoyed by her character’s actions. They may not have had passionate chemistry, but I loved their innocently flirtatious and sweetly considerate moments together.

Normally I would wish for more blatant romance, but considering their pasts in the story I think it was handled just right. However, I do kinda wish that I could see their story keep going beyond the last episode.

This is also the kind of drama where the supporting cast really shines, and I loved the entire cast. There’s the KIS crew who turned nosey neighbor behavior into a true art form and had some of my favorite moments in the show.

They are mostly there for comic relief, but I love how they were actually woven into the more dangerous and suspenseful parts of the story as well. Then there are the NIS agents, specifically Im Se Mi as Yoo Ji Yeon and Kim Sung Joo as Hacker-Bae Ra Do Woo, who had great chemistry of their own from the start.

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Joon-Joon were super cute, even though I initially wanted to put them on permanent timeout. I guess they needed to do a good job of showing why Ae Rin was so desperate for a babysitter. Although some of the supporting characters and guest roles were clichés and over the top, it worked with the style of the story, which at times was campy, and I think the whole cast embraced that.

My Secret Terrius K-Drama
My Secret Terrius K-Drama Review

As for the writing, even though I was entertained the entire time, there were definitely some weak moments. What this drama does best is balance comedy and action, and both are done well without taking away from the other.

You have to embrace the unbelievable moments, but they did a good job of not leaving many holes. The ending did feel abrupt and rushed, but they did a great job of ending the story without leaving any of the characters I grew so attached to ignored or forgotten.

This is a drama I wasn’t ready to see at the end, so I can see myself rewatching more to enjoy the characters than for the plot. I would much rather see a sequel instead, which isn’t likely, but the ending does open the door to a possible one which I would absolutely watch!

Verdict: My Secret Terrius K-Drama Review

Overall I am glad this drama lived up to the excitement I had upon first seeing the ads for it. If you’re expecting a serious spy thriller or an epic romance, you are setting yourself up for a major disappointment, but I still think there’s enough in this drama to keep a wide range of fans entertained.

This is also an obvious must-watch drama for any So Ji Sub fan. I guess I have to settle for another drama to add to my favorites list. In short, if you like comedy/mystery dramas with a running theme of family, friendship, and helping each other out, this one’s for you.

NOTE: Let’s request them to make a season 2: Mission in New York as a married couple with twins!!


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