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My First First Love K-Drama Review

Director: Oh Jin-Seok

Episodes: 8 (501), 8 (502)

Cast: Ji Soo, Jung Chae- Yeon, and Jung Jin-young.

Streaming: Netflix


The drama tells the story of five youths and their messy encounters with the concept of first love. Yun Tae-o is a college student whose friends — a college dropout, a runaway family friend, and his long-time childhood friend — decide to unexpectedly move into his house, due to their reasonings. Now they must all learn to live together and learn to love.

My First First Love K-Drama Review:

This drama is a very nice and sweet drama to watch. The story is funny, light, simple, and relatable, and with 8 episodes it is binge-worthy. I like how nothing was too cheesy and cringe-worthy in this drama.

The characters have unique personalities which is what I love in this drama. Despite coming from different family backgrounds they all came together to be friends, and support each other’s successes and
failures without judgment.

The development of friendship and romance between the lead characters was very well written and executed too! The actors did great in their roles, Jinyoung and Jisoo did not fail to meet my expectations. They are both very boyfriend and lead actor material.

My First First Love K-Drama Review
My First First Love K-Drama Review

I also like how the scriptwriter created two opposite characters as best friends namely Tae Oh (Jisoo) an easygoing guy who is liked by everyone, and is lucky that he doesn’t have to worry about many things, while Do Hyeon (Jinyoung) is mature and realistic when it comes to dealing with his studies, future, and relationships.

Tae Oh (Ji Soo) is a popular, good-natured man who is well off with his own house. Then an unexpected series of events suddenly leads to three of his friends living with him!

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One of those includes his long-time friend Song Vi who he begins to develop feelings. Song Yi (Jung Chae Yeon) is a cheerful woman who has been struggling to get by after she ends up homeless.

Her friend Tae Oh takes her in, but their relationship gets complicated as she takes a liking to his close friend Do Hyun. Do Hyun (Jung Jin Young) is a friend of Tae Oh’s who is very sweet and a hard worker.

My First First Love K-Drama
My First First Love K-Drama Review

He likes Song Yi but worries he’s not good enough for her. Se Hyun (Hong Ji Yoon) is a college girl in who Tae Oh takes interest in. She’s beautiful and popular, but Song Yi wonders if her motives towards Tae Oh are pure.

Then we have the outgoing and humorous Hoon (Kang Tae Oh) who is a struggling actor with complicated family issues. Finally, there’s sweet and naive Ga Rin (Choi Ri) who comes from a wealthy family and doesn’t quite understand how the real world works. We also get a cute little side romance between this duo.

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This is a simple coming-of-age series that focuses on relationships. The key for me to like a drama like this is to like the characters enough that I feel invested in their lives. Luckily, the drama sets up everything wonderfully as it introduces us to the characters, and we quickly learn their backstories and their relationship dynamics.

I was already feeling for them in the first episode and was interested to see how all of the love lines and friendships played out. The main characters had some growth but the supporting cast had great character arcs. Choe Hun and 0Ga-rin honestly stole the show for me. Very slow, at times. I’m not good with slow paces, so this was another negative for me.

My First First Love Review
My First First Love K-Drama Review

My First First Love had 16 episodes, but the content of the drama was very little. In the end, I was just wondering how they managed to buff it up to 16 episodes because the content was not much. We focused a lot on the character’s feelings, which became repetitive at times, and had a lot of slow moments. 

moments peppered in. Since the drama is slow-paced, there’s enough room for funny scenes to make the viewers laugh. It was nice to watch the interactions between the characters with them dissing each other or acting like kids. The cinematography is too good. The background score is warm and pleasant.

Verdict: My First First Love K-Drama Review

My First First Love is a drama that is very easy to watch with likable characters to root for, plenty of warmth, and lots of feelings. It’s a pleasant and cozy series that offers a nice break from some of the heavier stuff.


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