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Movie Review:

A Great Biographic Story About An Acknowledged Journalist

And Its the story about the alleged serial killer thomas quick… again… a charade of judicial and psyciatric blunder that have bred a lot of sadness and fright in the foremost swedish society, but also here in norway. do admit a murder and youll get pills, and even more pills if it coincides with our theories. time it well and admit 8,10,or 30 murders, that will gain a lot of benzodiazepines….over many years.

Quick 2019 movie Review

When films like these are made i feel soo sorry for all the families that have lost and never found their dear ones due to crime, and my heart really bleeds for them, as well as it bleeds for mr råstam, who made shockingly good journalism at his best.

Quick 2019 Sweden movie Review

The story delves over a relative short timespan, but gives a thorough introduction to the quick case and the obsessive and narcisistic besserwissers within surtain parts of sweedish psyciatry and policing.( i know there are people that dont like this) and the worst part of it all is that there have never been investigated any other suspects or theories, and its basiclly acknowledged that the true suspect will never be found.

Quick 2019 Sweden movie Review

It’s as usual a good sweedish film production, good acting a good story, though with a lot of flashing back which can be a bit confusing. its hard to make an ending to stories like this, but i think its quite an honour to the journalist and the journalism.

Quick 2019 movie Review

I had low expectations so im pleasantly surprised. It’s highly recommended Movie.

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