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Mediocre Malasana” Movie Review

Movie Review:

Family moves into apartment where an old lady passed away. Pretty soon spooky things start to happen.

To be fair through the first half of this film I thought that was about it. The director (Albert Pintó) goes heavy with the sudden jump scares. Unexpected noises and sudden shocks keep coming, in fact, there are too many and it gets a bit repetitive as they tend to follow a similar pattern.

Loads of generic ghost story stuff in this but the story takes an interesting turn when we learn the back story behind the haunting. A boy, tortured in life for his sexuality and gender indentity seeks the souls of the youngest boy in the house.

It’s at this point the reason why the movie was set in 1976, when attitudes towards trans people were even less inclusive than they are today. Particularly so in post military dictatorship conservative Madrid.

However, for me this little twist in the tale isn’t enough to save what is a pretty mediocre storyline. Bog standard haunting with occasional monster and possession references. Malasaña 32

Malasana 32 movie Review

It’s a decent enough film but not exceptional

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