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Stay along as I unveil how StudyBay can monetize your page in an influential way. Learn how to promote the Studybay affiliate program in education niche and earn recurring commissions by offering their custom writing and editing services to your students.


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What Is Studybay?


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It is an online service where students can post their work, receive bids and assign it to the most favourable writer. The chain is that easy, and it is further simplified by an intuitive interface. For example, students can crunch out the estimated pay for their work by specifying the assignment type, academic level, word limit, and deadline. The final amount adds a great insight.

Such flexibility has attracted over 10k authors so far, who work on around 57k subject lines. Hence, promoting it on your website makes complete sense.


Why Studybay Affiliate?


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The commissioning policies at StudyBay can generate around 40-60% commission on the orders referred by you. Any further purchases from the same client will fetch you with 15-20% of the rebilling amount. Just signup with its partnership program and you can develop mutually with this site.


How Does It Work?

Get a registered account with StudyBay and have it verified. Once the authentication has been processed, you are provided with referral links to StudyBay’s resources like order forms, banners, landing page etc. The model works on pay-per-action-scheme, i.e. your commission gets accounted after the order has been purchased by the visitor.


How To Promote It?


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StudyBay owns a bulk of promotional material for targeting the audience with some actionable measures. You can choose from across CTA buttons, widgets, banners, landing, the list of keywords, order forms, pop-ups and a lot more. They run seamlessly across popular webmasters and OS for devices.

Out of the above-stated options, order forms and landings have proved to be quite promising at pitching sales, but results vary at sub-levels. Hence, the entire promotional resource remains open for A/B testing. Stream is another great section which will interest you with its technique.

Users can also post their own banners, as long as it does not violate the ethical standards of this niche. So, avoid using profane content/ image while presenting your site.


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How To Get Better At This?

Like Google itself, every genuine organization takes measures for containing spammers. Give it some time and stay consistent with their terms. Besides that, everything is up to the traffic of your homepage. The best part is that StudyBay affiliates are not geographically constrained. Also, they accept traffic from almost any forum, social page, advertising network and website.

A word of advice; StudyBay has some great sales figure across English speaking nations like US, UK, Australia and Canada. Targeting their common issues and running local domain extensions could give you a head start. Getting acquainted with the interface is another factor at driving the best results.



Being an employment forum, StudyBay is certain to grow in the number of users/ members. Before someone finds it organically or gets approached by your rivals, it would be wise to join StudyBay’s free affiliate program. With such a self-explanatory interface, things couldn’t be any easier at setting up an affiliate and earning commissions from it.


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