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How to Make Money By Logo Designing With Envato Studio

Envato Studio is a freelance marketplace. We make it easy for anyone to complete projects by connecting them with expert designers, developers, producers and digital creatives. We also enable talented freelancers to make money doing what they love.

We thoroughly review all prospective freelancers and only invite the best to join Envato Studio.

Freelancers love us because we bring them a steady stream of genuine customers and make everything easy.

Read more about the benefits.

Buyers/customers love us because we connect them with reliable and affordable experts who can complete projects they don’t have the skill or time to complete.

And We are part of the Envato network. One of the largest and most successful online creative ecosystems, & have paid out over $750 million to our community.

How To Apply For Freelancer At Envato Studio?

The Envato Studio is a hand-picked community of freelancers. We actively scout for new providers and we’re working on ways for our community members to invite people from their own networks.

If you would like to register your interest in offering services on Envato Studio, you can use one of these forms:

However please keep in mind that these forms are only for registration of interest – submitting one of these forms does not guarantee that we will contact you.

Benefits Of Being A Service Provider On Envato Studio?

When someone orders your service, this will be visible within your account and you will also be alerted via email. Within Your Jobs section, you will see the brief from the buyer along with any supporting assets. At this stage, you can chose to ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ the job.

(note: Keep in mind that the level of acceptance/rejection is used towards your rating on Envato Studio.)

Once you have ‘accepted’ the job, you simply use the Job Timeline to communicate and share work files with your buyer. We will send an email whenever there is an update to the Job Timeline, to ensure timely responses.

And Once the buyer is happy with your work, they will ‘Approve’ the job. The money from this job will then be transferred to your earnings account in 7-days. Learn more about payment here.

It’s as easy as that, and you can always reach out to the Customer Experience team if you need any assistance.

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