Link Eat Love Kill K-Drama Review: Too Many Unanswered Questions and At The End Quite A Dull Drama

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Link Eat Love Kill K-Drama Review

Director: Hong Jong-chan

Cast: Yeo Jin-goo and Moon Ga-young

Episodes: 16

Streaming: Disney Hotstar

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A crime mystery thriller fantasy about a man and woman sharing the same emotions. Gye Hoon is a chef whose twin sister went missing. Now he finds his random emotions connected with a girl named Da Hyun.

What started as a unique concept became tiresome at times. Sometimes shows drag a few episodes but I’ve become tired of how slow this show has been moving. I’ve been watching it at 1.25x or 1.5x speed because the show is about to complete and it’s dragging.

It feels like there wasn’t much of a story, to begin with so what could have been completed in 10 episodes was stretched out to 16. The earlier episodes of the show were enjoyable but you slowly start to get fed up and just wish the characters would tell each other what’s going on.

Link: Eat Love Kill K-Drama Review
Link Eat Love Kill K-Drama Review

By the 14th episode, you are just waiting for things to be done already because you’ve lost hope in anything redeemable in the plot. As far as acting goes, the male lead has only been able to express concern and sadness and the rest of the time he is straight-faced whereas the actress had to play a clueless bunny who weeps frequently.

Not the actor’s fault for having to portray such characters. If they had established that the sister was dead and they just needed to find out what happened to her, I would feel less frustrated with this story.

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And the chef has not been able to open up his restaurant until the 15th episode which just adds to the madness. I had hoped that the ending might be able to redeem itself but alas, it continued to drag.

The plot was too simple for a 16-episode drama. 12 episodes would be sufficient enough. Some episodes were so unnecessary I can’t even remember them. Too many side stories and boring dialogues just to make a 16-episode drama. Like an onion, a simple plot idea wrapped in too many layers to make it into a standard-length drama.

K Drama Review Link Eat Love Kill » Broadway Originals
Link Eat Love Kill K-Drama Review

One final question remains. Why? What was the motive? It is never explained. It seems like no one was interested in finding out if there were more possible victims. We never knew why that person kidnapped and killed his sister.

No information on whether he was a psychopath, a rapist, or a human trafficker. Nothing, nada. All is left to the imagination of the viewers. Everything else just seems like an attempt at rescuing this show but there’s not much they could do at this point.

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The neighbors were made to look suspicious since the start. But in the end, none of those neighbors except one was guilty. So all that “suspicion” thing bore nothing covered by the police.

Near the end of the series, she went to the police to confess but was not arrested. Why? Was it a statute of limitation or was nobody found it or anything else? None of the questions were unanswered.

K Drama Link Eat Love Kill Review » Broadway Originals
Link Eat Love Kill K-Drama Review

The premise and idea were good but executed poorly in terms of twists and turns. The melodramatic attempt became irritating.

The story got boring not even halfway through, a lot of the main characters’ decisions didn’t make sense (weren’t rational) and were made only to prolong the story.

However, I did find Gye Hoon’s relationship with Da Hyun rather adorable. Both leads did a great job portraying their characters.


This was quite a dull drama. The chemistry between the leads was way unnatural. The half-cooked story was another off thing about this drama. I literally completed the 16 episodes in mere 7-8 hours by fast-forwarding and skipping many unnecessary scenes. Wouldn’t recommend this to anyone unless you have too much of spare time.

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