Indoor Skydiving Hyderabad: Now Hyderabad Is Home To India’s First Indoor Skydiving Arena

You are currently viewing Indoor Skydiving Hyderabad: Now Hyderabad Is Home To India’s First Indoor Skydiving Arena


Indoor Skydiving Hyderabad Discover the excitement of Flying High with GravityZip

A once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave you wanting more!

As Indoor skydiving is a safe and fun alternative to skydiving outside. You may experience the sensation of flying, hovering in the air, and riding the air current without using an aeroplane or a parachute, and without worrying about the weather.

About GravityZip

Have you ever fantasised of being able to fly? Have you ever dreamed you could be a bird in the sky, soaring, wheeling, and gliding through the air, riding the wind?

You can now!

GravityZip offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience – Indoor Skydiving Hyderabad.

Join in for a perfectly safe place to experience the sensation of defying gravity, of being unfettered and free.

All you have to do now is show up. We’ll take care of the rest.


The first of its kind indoor skyding wind tunnel in india, powered by world class technology.


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Skydiving In Hyderabad Price

Flight Packages:

Each Flight consists of around 45mins Experience (Suit, Helmet, Protective Gear, Instructor, Training & Flying).

OFF-peak Hours – 2,800 per person

Flights at Peak Hours – 3,300 per person

Timeing: 10am To 9:30pm

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Indoor skydiving is a fantastic sport that will keep you coming back for more once you experience the rush it provides.

Indoor Skydiving Hyderabad Video:
How It Feels

Thrills of high-altitude flight and simulated free fall

There’s no place, no parachute – just you flying through the sky, complete command.

The more you fly, the more fun and experience you gain.

It’s perfect for thrill-seekers of all ages and physical abilities.

Friends and family can cheer you on and join in the fun.

How it works

A wind tunnel created a smooth column of air that you ride on

Turbulence free, Consistent Experience, Unaffected by external weather conditions

A highly controlled, Unvarying environment

Its world-class, High-Precision Technology

Commercial wind tunnels have been in operation for over 15 years worldwide

Contiuously improving technology offers safety, comfort, and accessiblity

Optimal air flow quality

Robust European EngineeringTechnology

Indigenous cooling and noise insulation solution developed by GraviyZip

Safe Landing system , dynamic lighting and base door for advanced flyers


You get that same rush, that feeling of floating on air currents, of defying gravity… You have to do it to feel it!


If you have any Question, Please check Our FAQs page and, If you cant find the answer there, Feel free to Contact GravityZip


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