Iceman (2017 film) Review

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Iceman (GermanDer Mann aus dem Eis) is a 2017 German-Italian-Austrian adventure drama film directed by Felix Randau.

When I found this movie I was very curious what kind of story they put forward. Knowing that there is not spoked in a modern language or translated made it even more appealing.

The plot summary is simple. Otzi is a highly regarded member of a small tribe. He sets out to do some hunting and while he’s gone a trio of men rape his woman, burn their homes, kill all but one member of the tribe and steals an important relic. This sets Otzi on a path revenge in the final days of his life.

Iceman (2017) Review

So, let’s start with the fact that there is no need to understand the ancient dialog that is used. It was easy to interpret what was going on. The actors did well with their roles and really had a way of drawing me into the film. The costumes were what you’d expect to see for this time period and I liked that they incorporated some of the artifacts found with Otzi’s body into the storyline. One that stood out was how he wraps a large ember in what appeared to be leaves so that he could transport fire from the village to his campsite while hunting. I thought the settings were great. It was rough terrain and it was filmed in a way that really helped convey his loneliness, how small he was in a big world and how hard it was to survive.

Iceman (2017) Review

However, the story that unfolded was nothing but modern day Hollywood blockbusters set in another era. Put Tom Cruise in the main role and you have everything. Was that all they could come up with? The hero leaves home and in his absence his entire family gets killed so he sets on a journey of revenge. Liam Neeson could not be more convincing. Of course, German People’s know what happened to Otzi, although you have to watch the movie to see what led to that.

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