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Top 12 Ad Networks for CPC and PPC ( Latest 2022 )

High CPC Ad Network

Pay-per-click and Cost-per-click, respectively, are abbreviated as PPC and CPC. PPC/CPC ad networks offer compensation for clicking on the adverts or links.

Ad tech professionals know that getting an advertisement clicked is rare. Users do, however, click on advertising. Advertisers see a rise in ad clicks, particularly in Q4.

Clicks on adverts provide more interaction and engagement for marketers than impressions. As a result, advertisers consent to pay more for ad clicks. You may benefit from the CPC payment if you are linked with a solid network.

To save you time, we’ve compiled a list of the best CPC/PPC ad networks:

1. Media.net

Media.net » Broadway Originals


Media.net is a joint Yahoo-Bing advertising network. Internet behemoths like Yahoo and Microsoft have to pool their resources and efforts to provide a viable ad network alternative to AdSense.

Media.net provides contextual advertising that is related to the website/webpage topic. Publishers can also use real-time ad performance tracking solutions.

Furthermore, publishers may customize the appearance and feel of the advertising to better meet the site’s optimized color palette, ad subjects, and advertiser filters.

While the quantity of advertising is comparable to that of Google, the standards for approval may be more challenging for many overseas bloggers.

Aside from having high-quality traffic and content, the majority of your site’s visitors should be from the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom. Also, You must utilize English as the primary language on your website.


Infolinks » Broadway Originals
High Cpc Ad Network

Infolinks bills is smart ad platform that allows publishers to monetize their blogs and websites. It produces a lot of money for over 100,000 web publishers around the world.

Also Infolinks is a popular supplemental income source since its ad units are unobtrusive—they don’t have normal banner space. Instead, the advertising is reduced or embedded in hyperlinks, and visitors just need to hover their cursor points over the links to see the adverts.

Infolinks advertisements are native, free to use and work well with all other ad solutions. They do not disrupt the user’s experience. The approval process for Infolinks is relatively fast because it is based on the substance of your site rather than the amount of traffic you produce.

The installation is quite simple, requiring only the addition of a code to the body of your website. If you use WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, or Drupal, you can even utilize a plugin that does the work for you.

Publishers have great control over the position and amount of advertising, and the support crew is courteous and quick to answer.

Infolinks‘ advertisers are chosen based on their quality, which is why they work with the world’s finest companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Taboola, eBay, Ali Express, Pizza Hut, TripAdvisor, and many others.

3. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a great resource for thriving bloggers and other website owners. One of the primary advantages of AdSense is that Google collaborates with millions of marketers (Google Display Network).

AdSense’s ability to offer high-quality relevant advertisements, along with the high CTR on ads, which makes it even better.

As the website owner, you have complete control over the sorts of advertisements that show on your site’s pages. Publishers that use AdSense have access to data and stats that illustrate how effective their ad campaigns are for their website.

It’s really simple to use, and there are no enrollment costs.

You will be able to display advertising according to your visitors’ interests, and you will be paid based on the number of people that click on the ads on your site.

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And You may also include custom search bars on your website and make money from the advertisements that displays on the search results page.

So, You need to have enough ad space and pick where the adverts should appear. Advertisers then compete in a real-time auction for the right to appear in your ad spaces, with the highest-paid advertising appearing on your reserved ad spots.

This video demonstrates how the auction works.

What’s the catch? A lot of individuals make money using Adsense, so what’s the catch? Why doesn’t everyone use Google AdSense if it’s so good?

The basic reason why not everyone utilizes Adsense is because not everyone is accepted into the network. You must be accepted, which means you must meet all of the requirements.

For example, if your ad’s primary language isn’t on its list of supported languages, you’re out of luck.

4. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser » Broadway Originals

Bidvertiser provides a monetization solution for publisher inventory by connecting it to premium demand. If you have a website and wish to join, there are certain restrictions, such as no pornographic sites or sites selling illicit narcotics.

You cannot join if your website is under construction or if it currently has excessive advertising.

Many people, however, have observed that the licensing procedure is quick and straightforward because there appear to be no requirements regarding traffic amount or language utilized.

You may quickly alter the design of the advertising and install it using an HTML code that you can add to your webpages.

The reward per click may not be as great, but you make money not just on clicks but also on conversions. Conversions occur when a clicking visitor visits the advertiser’s website and makes a purchase.

However, there are still issues. And If you are targeting a certain niche, the advertising that show may be irrelevant to your site And the reporting isn’t as extensive as it should be; you don’t receive a lot of information on impressions or click through rates.

5. Revcontent

Revcontent is a publisher-focused content discovery tool and native ad network. Along with outstanding native advertising methods, Revcontent is also recognized for providing fantastic CPC or PPC deals to publishers.

Because native advertisements have excellent engagement rates and a low invasive score, Revcontent uses them to provide additional benefits to publishers.

Furthermore, Revcontent ensures that the adverts displayed on the website are relevant to the interests of the visitors, enhancing CTR.

From Premium to small-side publishers are supported by the firm.

However, the organization has minimal standards for a website’s monthly volume (50,000 people). Revcontent accepts payments via PayPal on Net-30 terms.

After signing up with the firm, the publisher will be able to access the real-time dashboard to track ad performance.


6. ClickAdilla

ClickAdilla » Broadway Originals
High Cpc Ad Network

ClickAdilla is a publisher-friendly ad network. It provides a variety of ad types such as PopUnder, banner, pre-roll, web-push, and native. It also allows for targeting based on region, browser, IP address, and other criteria.

Publishers can use the company’s real-time auction service. It allows publishers to connect with the ClickAdilla SSP, through which they may connect with numerous demand partners.

Payment methods accepted by ClickAdilla include PayPal, Paxum, Bitcoin, Web Money, and ePayment. Payment conditions and criteria are negotiable. Publishers may measure profits from website visits using the ClickAdilla dashboard.

7. Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media » Broadway Originals

Vibrant Media is the one of the most well-known PPC ad networks. Its premium brand sponsors may be found on several major high-traffic websites.

Its PPC rates are among the highest in the business, but the catch is that no other website is allowed to participate. They must regard your site as a premium site. One of the requirements appears to be that you receive at least 500,000 page views each month.

The standard publisher restrictions apply, so you can’t have anything to do with an adult, gambling, drugs, profanity, hate speech, violence (you can’t even sell stun guns), or anything else illegal.

Vibrant Media’s ad forms are highly inventive, with 11 intext ad options accessible. This contains video boxes that extend, multi-button movies, and expandable flash. In-image advertising is also available, which many visitors find professional and unobtrusive.

The advertising are so powerful that click-through rates can be five times greater than AdSense ads. They look amazing on mobile devices as well, such as tablets and smartphones.

If you already have a significant amount of visitors to your website, you can capitalize on that success by joining Vibrant Media and cooperating with other top marketers.

8. Clickadu

Clickadu » Broadway Originals
High Cpc Ad Network

Clickadu is a publisher’s ad network that handles over 740 million ad impressions eachday. The firm offers a variety of ad types for desktop and mobile devices, including PopUnder, video advertisement, and banner ads.

It has no minimum traffic requirement, allowing even tiny publishers to monetize their inventory. However, publisher’s website must still be audited before Clickadu would accept and authorize it.

It is really simple to begin working with the organization. Sign up, be accepted, enter the company’s code, and start working. The firm pays on Net-15 terms with a $100 minimum.

A publisher can also expect to get paid by PayPal, Web Money, Paxum, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer.

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9. AdBlade

AdBlade » Broadway Originals

AdBlade is a content-style ad platform or native ad network.

This firm features a self-service platform for publishers where they may optimize ad units to show attractive advertising.

The network provides geo-targeting and retargeting to publishers.

The business says that premium content-style advertising provides 3x more clicks. The minimal traffic requirement for publishers is 500,000 pageviews. Publishers could also anticipate payment through check or PayPal on Net-30 terms.

10. AdCash

AdCash is a well-known advertising platform that serves interest-based adverts on the publisher’s website. Every day, the firm works with 200 million unique users and has over 10,000 active projects.

It provides native, pop, and interstitial adverts within the display advertising ad type.

Its exclusive technology allows publishers to filter out bad traffic and estimate inventory performance. It claims to deliver a high fill rate, anti-Adblock technology, and quick coverage to publishers.

Bank Transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Skrill, and Web Money are all methods of payment for publishers. On flexible payment arrangements, the minimum barrier is $25.

Simply sign up with AdCash, put the ad tags, and you’ll start seeing advertising practically immediately.

11. Clickbooth

Clickbooth » Broadway Originals
High Cpc Ad Network

Clickbooth’s CPC Network utilizes years of performance-based marketing expertise to provide the industry’s greatest eCPMs from compliance, high-performing campaigns.

And Clickbooth outperforms the competition by 30-40% by removing a layer from the equation. ClickBooth CPC has quickly become the “go-to” ad-serving solution for all of the leading Comscore and Alexa domains, with revenue sharing and CPM models available.

Currently, ClickBooth CPC serves over 6.5 billion impressions every month on some of the most prestigious sites in the United States and internationally, like NBC, FOX, and others.

“Publishers should pick CBCPC because our industry professionals are devoted to establishing long-term monetization solutions for your site,” said Chris Butlin, Director of CBCPC Publishing.


12. Sulvo

Sulvo » Broadway Originals
High Cpc Ad Network

Sulvo is not an ad network, but rather a fundamentally new firm focused on connecting the best quality online ad buyers with premium publishers. Among the options is a 100 percent Revenue Share plan with a flat-rate cost, allowing publishers to limit Sulvo’s revenues while increasing their profits.

If the publisher chooses a revenue share plan in which Sulvo takes just 10% of the revenue, the flat-rate fee can be waived.

There is also a comprehensive set of inventory controls that cover everything that premium publishers may require, such as multiple ad sizes and ad color variations, various ad types (display, video, and mobile), manual or automated pricing controls, and buyer blocking for any category, advertiser, or specific ad creative.

Payments are made on a net 60 basis, and payment options include wire transfer, paper check, direct deposit, Paypal, and even Bitcoins, which are currently in closed beta.

So there you have it. These are the High CPC Ad Network to consider, and this list can help you increase your earnings. Before you begin, ensure that your inventory is prepared to launch a cCP campaign. That is, it must have a high cTR for you to earn from it.

If that isn’t enough, here are several additional ad networks to consider.

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