Ghosted 2023 Movie Review: Painfully Contrived RomCom with Zero Chemistry Between Main Leads

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Ghosted 2023 Movie Review

Director: Dexter Fletcher

Cast: Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas

Cinematography: Salvatore Totino

Music: Lorne Balfe

Editor: Chris Lebenzon, Jim May, and Josh Schaeffer

Streaming: Apple TV+


Cole falls head over heels for enigmatic Sadie but then makes the shocking discovery that she’s a secret agent. Before they can decide on a second date, Cole and Sadie are swept away on an international adventure to save the world.

Ghosted 2023 Movie Review:

Ana (Sadie) and Chris (Cole) do have good chemistry together and it started well. When Cole goes to London to find Sadie her things go downhill. Cole has a tracking device on his inhaler he put in Sadie’s purse. He uses it to track her location just underneath the Tower Bridge.

This is where 3 evil henchmen abduct him thinking he is the “Tax Man”. But why do they assume this? They have never seen the Tax Man before, it was a public place and Cole was walking a rolling suitcase. Why would they not just assume he’s a tourist? And where is Sadie? The tracker lead Cole to this location but she is nowhere to be found.

Cole is then drugged and flown to a secret mountain location in Pakistan. Just as he is about to be tortured for information Sadie blows open a door and saves the day. What timing? After she shoots up the room and unties Cole an alarm is sounded.

Ghosted 2023 Movie Review
Ghosted 2023 Movie Review

I guess the noise of the door being blown open wasn’t enough to get any guard’s attention and they needed to hear the alarm first. The caves are then filled with guards who I assume were sleeping when Sadie came in but are now awake thanks to the alarm.

Once outside they are attacked by more henchmen. Luckily a colorful bus just happens to be traveling down the road in this remote location and they can use it as their getaway vehicle and they escape.

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I guess the henchmen didn’t know they could shoot the tires and stop the bus easily, thank goodness. Cole learns that Sadie is the real Tax Man who works for the CIA and is looking for Aztec, a biological weapon that could kill millions.

A series of similar idiotic events take place until the showdown atop a glamorous revolving restaurant in…Virginia???? Just before the bad guy is going to shoot Cole, Sadie shows up to save the day. What timing?

Before Sadie agrees to give the bad guys the passcode they wire her 10 million dollars. Once the money is in her account, she puts a bounty on the bad guy in the bounty hunter network. 25% of the restaurant is filled with bounty hunters who brought heavy weaponry with them for a nice meal.

Shooting and mayhem ensue and the restaurant starts spinning around like one of those G-force trainers at NASA. Sadie can grab the Aztec weapon, all the bad guys die and everything turns out hunky dory.

Ghosted 2023 Movie Review
Ghosted 2023 Movie Review

The creators of Ghosted seem to have taken the cynical approach of making a blatant money grab, relying solely on the eye candy of an impressive cast to draw in unsuspecting viewers. However, the film falls flat on its face due to a poorly written script, leaving the actors with nothing to work with and resulting in a disjointed and lackluster performance.

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Despite the talent of Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, and Adrien Brody, who have proven their acting prowess in past performances, the chemistry between the lead actors is non-existent, leaving the audience feeling indifferent towards their characters. The editing is erratic and disorienting, while the slow pacing in the first 30 minutes leaves the viewer feeling bored and uninterested.

It’s a shame because Ghosted had the potential to be a great entertaining film, with an impressive cast and a promising premise. However, the lack of communication between the writers is evident, resulting in a film that fails to deliver on its potential and ultimately disappoints.


Ghosted is a film that falls short of expectations and seems to rely solely on the novelty of seeing current A-list actors in a film together, leaving the viewer feeling like they’ve been taken advantage of. The movie is a blatant money grab, and not worth the investment of
your time.

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