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Free Guy is a 2021 American science fiction action comedy film directed by Shawn Levy from a screenplay by Matt Lieberman and Zak Penn, and a story by Lieberman. The film stars Ryan Reynolds (who also co-produced) with Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howery, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Joe Keery also star.

Free Guy Review

In movies like these, if you’re truly original, a lot can be forgiven. Take TRON for example. But, by now, movies with transitions between video games and real world aren’t new. Sure, using a “free world” like GTA as the setting is not so much explored, but, still, not truly original.

Free Guy Review

So, we have Ryan Reynolds goofing around. He does a decent job, but, his routine is getting a little old. Not every character should be played like Merc With a Mouth.

Free Guy Review

Jodie Comer as the female game developer and the “second protagonist” is a little interesting, if for nothing else, then for the fact that she does look much better with black hair and sunglasses than blonde and without them. But she’s also the only one who does a good, if not great, job here.

There are a few jokes that work, but, it’s not nearly enough for 2 hours, especially given how many times they try. There are several fun parts, but, there’s much more time spent trying to look as having fun which don’t work.

The cameos and pop culture references are pretty good and it’s good that there are but a few of them.

But, the story is thin and full of holes, the relationship between Comer and her male game developer partner is terribly done, the ending is rather lame, the gaming setup is a little too much if you’re not a gamer, given that that it didn’t work as much as intended to make jokes and fun.

Taika Waititi as the main villain has a bad case of over-acting and his character acts rather stupid for a guy who’s smart (if evil).

The forced feminism and other “social justice warrior” elements are truly bad, out of place and look as if someone “from corporate” was making sure there’s the prescribed amount of them so they can ship the movie.


All in all, a strange mixed bag. Worth a watch if you like similar video games or one of the main actors.

Free Guy Review

A Misfire In General With A Few Minor Hits

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