The First Responders K-Drama Review: “A Groundbreaking South Korean Action Drama with Unexpected Twisted Ending”

You are currently viewing The First Responders K-Drama Review: “A Groundbreaking South Korean Action Drama with Unexpected Twisted Ending”

Director: Shin Kyung-soo

starring: Kim Rae-won, Son Ho-jun, and Gong Seung-Yeon

Episodes: 12


A joint response field log between the police who catch criminals and firefighters who catch fires. The police station and the fire station jointly respond to fierce scenes between crime, disasters, and emergencies.

First Responders K-Drama Review:

If you’re one of those people that wants to find logic in every fictional drama or you’re a nitpicker, then I suggest you skip this.

However, if you’re someone who just enjoys the ride, and likes to watch gripping and entertaining dramas with an amazing cast and well-written story, without searching for every little flaw in every episode, you should definitely check this one out!

Thankfully I’m in the latter category, that’s probably the reason why I could enjoy it to the fullest, and became one of my favorite shows of all time.

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This drama has everything: action, suspense, crime, investigation, mystery, humor, teamwork, and romance, and is very informative, you can learn a thing or two. Everything is nicely balanced. What else could a viewer possibly wish for?

The First Responders K-Drama Review
The First Responders K-Drama Review

The story is fast-paced and intriguing. They’re showcasing different emergency codes with different cases in every episode, while there’s 1 main case slowly unfolding in the background, so the viewer doesn’t even have time to feel bored.

Some cases might be very sad, but comedic elements are present to balance out the mood. I was hooked from the beginning, every episode was exciting to watch and all the cases were interesting and unique.

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One of the reasons I absolutely adore this show is the teamwork, and how the fire crew and detectives work together to save people and solve cases. The first episode started off strong and remained like that for the rest of the season, the last episode ended with a cliffhanger, but we get a second season and I’m so excited about that!

The relationship between the main leads develops naturally and for the best throughout the series, the different cases and life-threatening situations make them form a strong bond by the last episode.

There’s also a little love triangle, but I wouldn’t even call it like that, because it is very obvious what’s one-sided and what’s mutual. The romance part isn’t forced, it’s depicted genuinely and developed slowly. No need to worry if you’re not into romance because, although there is a romantic undertone, it doesn’t overshadow the main plot.

The First Responders K-Drama Review
The First Responders K-Drama Review

The acting here is one of the best I’ve seen this year alongside with Reborn Rich and One Dollar Lawyer. The definition of perfect casting, all characters have great chemistry with each other and every one embodies their character smoothly, it just feels so natural.

But I have to give extra applause to Kim Rae Won as he plays this crazy mutt detective role so well, making him stand out from the rest of the cast. Not to mention he has this indescribable charm to him.

The music is catchy and very nice, matching well with the scenes, and paints a picture of the drama every time you listen to it, it’s not overused nor placed in scenes where it’s not needed.

Verdict: The First Responders K-Drama Review

This a recommendation for a thriller, action, and crime lovers. The story is tense and full of surprises because each episode has a different case to solve.

The plot is clear and neat, not boring at all. Police, firefighters, and medics work together to uncover and solve the puzzles in every case they tackle.

The storyline is neat, each episode has a different case, the dialogue is not long-winded, and each case that is solved also has a plot that is difficult to predict.

Note: Season 2 is releasing this June.

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