Earn Money From Facebook: 6 Ways on How To Make Money On Facebook Pages

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Earn Money From Facebook

Who hasn’t heard of Facebook? Is there still anyone who hasn’t heard of Facebook? According to a survey, less than 2% of the world’s population does not know or understand what Facebook is. There is no reason why anyone should be unfamiliar with such a multipurpose social media and money-making platform.

It is massive and one of the world’s largest social media networks. It not only allows you to connect with people from all over the world, as well as your family and friends, but it also provides several ways to make a lot of money.

Even if you only have one item to sell or own a large reputable business, anyone can make money on Facebook. You only need to create a Facebook account, which will take less than 5 minutes, and this massive platform will be waiting for you to use it to earn a decent income.

If you want to make money on Facebook, you can set up a separate Facebook account or a business page. If you are an individual seller, you can, however, keep a single or personal account for doing business.

Before you continue, check your Facebook Monetization Eligibility.

There are a few ways to make money from your Facebook content, but you must first be eligible. Your Facebook page and the content you post on it must meet the platform’s eligibility criteria, divided into three categories:

Facebook Community Standards: These are the foundational rules of the platform, such as no graphic or unsafe content.

Partner Monetization Policies: These policies apply to your entire Facebook page, the content you create, how you share it, and how you receive and make online payments.

Content Monetization Policies: Rules that apply to your content, such as no violent or profane content.

To determine your eligibility, navigate to the Facebook section of your Creator Studio and select the Monetization tab. Choose which pages you want to see your monetization eligibility.

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Review the platform’s Community Standards on a regular basis, keep your domain clean with high-quality content, and make sure you have the rights to post your content. If your page becomes ineligible for any reason, Facebook will notify you via the Monetization tab in your Creator Studio, along with the reason.

6 Ways Earn Money From Facebook

There are many other legitimate and credible ways to make money on Facebook that can earn you a substantial sum. Some of the methods listed below may take some time and a small investment, but they are worth a shot if you want to make money on Facebook:

1. Create videos with in-stream ads

In-stream ads capture the attention of a captive audience and are ideal for creators and brands with a large audience. When a user is halfway through watching a Facebook video, they are more likely to watch the entire ad if it means they can continue watching the original content—unlike a standalone ad in their feed, which they are more likely to skip.

In-stream ads in action:

LIFEWTR, a bottled water brand, wanted to raise brand awareness and create a positive, creative vibe around its product. As a result, it used short in-stream ads that ran in the middle of feed videos, properties like Facebook Watch, to showcase its community art projects through powerful visual stories. The campaign increased brand awareness by two times and ad recall by 1.9 times.

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Earn Money From Facebook

Why it worked: LIFEWTR used in-stream ads to tell a story and keep an already captive audience’s attention.

Start here: Consider your goals for your videos and the stories you can tell about your brand. If you want to advertise mid-roll, try including one- to two-second natural pauses in your videos where in-stream ads can be placed.

In addition to meeting Facebook’s eligibility requirements, videos must be longer than one minute in length, and influencers must have at least 10,000-page followers to run in-stream ads. These suggestions are for brands that want to pay to run in-stream advertisements.

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2. paid subscription to your page

Create consistent monthly revenue by encouraging your most devoted followers to pay a recurring fee to support your page. An excellent way for brands and creators with large, engaged audiences to monetize their pages while rewarding fans with exclusive content and discounts. The “stars” feature allows users to purchase a pack of stars to send tips to their favorite creators for extra revenue.

In action, fan subscriptions:

Vegan Baker has established a separate Facebook Group for brand supporters. Fans pay $4.99 per month for exclusive content and discounts. They can also send additional tips for a piece of content they particularly enjoy using Facebook’s stars feature.

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Earn Money From Facebook

At the moment, fan subscriptions are only available by invitation. When a user has 10,000 followers or more than 250 return viewers, 50,000 post engagements, or 180,000 watch minutes, they can unlock fan subscriptions.

After receiving your invitation, you can decide what benefits your subscribers receive, create a promotional video to launch your subscription service, and film a thank you video to welcome new subscribers.

3. Collaborate with brands

To broaden your reach and diversify your content output, collaborate on content with a relevant, complementary partner. Many brands want to collaborate with influencers, creators, and other businesses to reach new audiences and raise brand awareness, a great way to increase your follower count and generate engagement.

In action, brand collaboration:

StyleNow Feed collaborated with Jasper’s Boutique to provide fresh content to both brands’ followers. The paid partnership allowed the two companies to collaborate on relevant content that was relevant to both of their audiences’ needs, and users could click on each piece of content to learn more about each brand.

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Earn Money From Facebook

You must first request access before tagging business partners in posts. After that, you’ll be able to access collaboration opportunities and view insights within the Brand Collabs Manager.

This monetization method is best suited for Pages with a large, engaged following who post content that most brands would not consider risky.

4. Earn money directly from fans

To combat users simply sharing TikTok posts, Facebook recently announced that places greater emphasis on organic video content created specifically for the platform. By completing a series of sequential “challenges,” such as generating a certain number of views on a Facebook Reel, creators and influencers will be able to unlock monetary rewards of up to $4,000 per month.

In action, organic content rewards:

Paula Garcia has a large following and can profit from the number of views, likes, and comments she receives by creating Reels specifically for Facebook. Paula combines several of the strategies discussed here to solidify her Facebook monetization strategy, such as obtaining sponsors for her Reels and posting them organically on the platform.

Earn money directly from your fans facebook stars » Broadway Originals
Earn Money From Facebook

At the moment, the challenges feature is only available by invitation, and it appears that Facebook is targeting influencers with follower counts in the hundreds of thousands or millions. After accepting the invitation, the first challenge to be completed within 30 days or else the feature will expire.

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5. paid events online

Engage followers by hosting a live event that they can watch from the comfort of their own homes. The paid events feature on Facebook allows you to schedule, set up, and run events through your page, which is ideal for creators and businesses who want to move in-person events online.

Paid events at work:

Jasper’s Market hosts and promotes different events on its Facebook Business page. Fans can view a calendar of events and buy tickets directly from the brand’s website. Seeing how many people are interested or attending generates excitement about the event, and regular reminders ensure that attendees don’t miss a single moment.

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Earn Money From Facebook

To create a new event, enable paid online events on your page and click the Events tab. And Select “paid” and enter the necessary information about your event, the price, and a co-host, if you have one.

Before you can start creating paid events on Facebook, your account and page must meet Facebook’s monetization eligibility criteria.

6. Drive visitors to your online store

Using the platform’s social commerce features, direct visitors from your Facebook page to your Shopify store. This an excellent opportunity for brands with a small businesses on Facebook to capture consumers in the middle of their scroll with shoppable ads and powerful calls to action (CTAs). You can turn high-performing shoppable posts into paid ads to increase traffic and define a new target audience.

In action: shoppable posts

QUEENSHOP wanted to increase sales among fans who had previously interacted with its content. It used Facebook’s Live Shopping feature to reach consumers who were online at the time and directed them to the brand’s website via a product CTA in the bottom corner of the screen. The Live videos resulted in 1.7 times higher return on ad spend and a 3.3% increase in adds to carts.

Drive visitors to your online store facebook » Broadway Originals
Earn Money From Facebook

In the Catalog Manager, add your product catalog to your Facebook page and link to relevant products when you post an image or video. To link to a product during a Livestream, after you’ve started your video, click Feature under the product or link you want to show.

Conclusion: Earn Money From Facebook

Using Facebook’s massive audience as a sales tool benefits starting an ecommerce business, selling services, and creating digital products or merch. Platform’s new features designed specifically for entrepreneurs and brands, engaging new and existing audiences is easier than ever.

But don’t get too attached to a single feature or platform. Diversify your offering so that if one platform fails, you can still generate traffic and revenue from another.

This is especially important today, when the organic reach of massive social media platforms like Facebook is dwindling by the day and consumers are increasingly sceptical of paid advertising campaigns.


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