Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review: Average First Half, Unbearable Second Half

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Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review

Director: Vishwak Sen

Cast: Vishwak Sen, Nivetha Pethuraj, Rao Ramesh, Rohini Molleti, Ajay, Hyper Aadi, Akshara Gowda, Shaurya Kare, and Mahesh Achatna

Cinematography: Dinesh K Babu

Music: Leon James


Krishna Das, a waiter by profession, falls for Keerthi. His look-alike, Dr. Sanjay Rudra, dies in an accident the night before Das loses his job and love. Rao Ramesh encounters Krishna Das and recruits him to replace Sanjay to save the company. What happens following forms the rest of the story.

Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review:

Das Ki Dhamki is the story of an orphan Krishna Das (Vishwak Sen) who works as a waiter in a hotel. His co-workers, played by Hyper Aadi and Rangasthalam’ Mahesh, are his friends and family. Das hates the submissive life of a poor man but is sure he won’t die like that.

After a shameful incident with one of the customers at the hotel, he convinces his friends to go to the same hotel as customers and have one meal there with the respect that a paying customer would command.

During the dinner, he bumps into Keerthi (Nivetha Pethuraj) who mistakes him for a rich guy. One thing leads to another and Keerthi ends up believing that he is Sanjay Rudra, the CEO of multi-billion-dollar company SR Pharma.

Das Ka Dhamki 2023 Movie Review » Broadway Originals
Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review

Das vows to hold on to this respect and decides to marry Keerthi. His friends keep on reminding him about their impossible situation and to forget his pipe dreams. They also ask him to tell Keerthi the truth and be done with the drama.

Blind in love, Das fails to do so. As he convinces himself that Keerthi loves him for who he is, she discovers his real identity and financial status and drags them to the road. At that moment, Rao Ramesh’s character enters their life and promises to solve all their problems if Krishna Das helps him with a situation his family is facing.

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The twist in the story is that SR Pharma CEO Sanjay Rudra is a lookalike of Das. He is told that Sanjay died in a recent accident, leaving a Rs 10,000 crore deal of the company in jeopardy.

Since it is also related to a drug that could cure all types of cancer, Das agrees to act as Sanjay for 10 days till the deal goes through. Who is Sanjay Rudra? How did he die? Is this cancer-cure drug real? Can Krishna Das fulfill his commitments to Rao Ramesh?

Das Ka Dhamki Review » Broadway Originals
Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review

Will Krishna Das earn respect and have his own family? The rest of the story provides answers to all these questions. Doppelgangers is an extensively used trope in Telugu cinema, seen recently in Amigos, Gautam Nanda, Jai Lava Kusa, Khaidi No.150, Vikramarkudu, Billa… the list goes on. Das Ka Dhamki follows this tradition and uses all the tricks associated with such movies.

It is necessary to mention that the film’s writer Prasanna Kumar’s most recent outing Ravi Teja’s Dhamaka is also part of this list. Prasanna’s writing is fairly entertaining. Particularly the part with sidekicks Hyper Aadi and Mahesh is full of puns and punch dialogues. The interval scene, though somewhat dragged, is well-picturized.

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The extreme nature of Sanjay Rudra doesn’t feel very convincing. Without proper purpose or explanation, the drama about the family members keeps dragging the momentum down. What is to be achieved in the 10 days never becomes clear. The screenplay here is muddled. The second half is full of twists, character flips to keep the audience engaged.

But we see the events coming from a mile away. The coda part that sets the stage for a sequel is visually very interesting. This is perhaps the most imaginative scene of the entire film.

Das Ka Dhamki Movie Full Review » Broadway Originals
Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review

Vishwak Sen’s attempt at action feels forced, with not much variation. It depends mostly on one-upmanship achieved through predictable scenes. Nivetha Pethuraj oozes glamour in this otherwise routine character. Hyper Aadi and Mahesh deliver the goods. Tharun Bhasker appears in another forgettable cameo.

Leon James’s music is acceptable. The song “Almost Padipoyinde” is quite catchy. During the film’s pre-release function, Jr NTR advised Vishwak Sen to forget about direction. If Vishwak seriously considers this advice, we may still get to see the firebrand the action he has been so consistently delivering.

Verdict: Das Ka Dhamki Movie Review

Das Ka Dhamki is entertaining if you are in the mood for a typical commercial potboiler.

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