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When experiential travel meets minimalism, a container room is a perfect place to stay.


Address: 6-7, Kondamadugu Road Kondamadugu, Village, Bibinagar, Telangana 508126

Mail ID: thefargohyd@gmail.com

DM For Booking: @thefargohyd

Location: https://shorturl.at/fnqD1

At Fargo, we believe ‘Less is more. All our scattered thoughts were presented as a beautiful concept by our founder Kaushik Ragala. He has gone to the extent of creating a space where minimalism meets luxury, with nature’s presence.

Besides, we offered a striking view over the hills of Hyderabad’s outskirts and built a man-made structure to complement with the surrounding natural beauty.


Fargo siting Area » Broadway Originals


Private Deck

Enjoy your time with a group of friends or family on your very own private deck, specially designed for your party needs. Get a direct view from your private deck and experience a relaxing retreat.

In-Room Dining Service

We take constant measures in providing top-notch service to our customers. Order your food with just a call to one of our staff and get the dishes of your liking served in your room.

Free Wifi

We know what you need. Do not worry we got you covered on this one. Experience the spirit of disconnect and reconnect in your own little ways.


Bringing the smells, sounds, and sights alive in words is a challenge. To simplify, we provide planned space and an ideal setting for solitary or social life. 

Daily Housekeeping

At Fargo, sanitization and cleanliness are always our top priorities. We are keen on providing daily housekeeping services to keep your surroundings fresh and rejuvenating throughout your stay.




Fargo Container Farmhouse Rooms

Compact space yet a minimalist masterpiece. The rooms are a blend of modernist concrete walls with sun casts striking hues and shadows against the minimalist, furnishings, and linens, creating an almost meditative vibe.

The interior tranquillity comprises the muted colour palette of soft blends with warm earth tones. Every room feature, designer furniture, curated so artfully, with doors that open to a private deck and manicured gardens overlooking the hilltop view.


Fargo Container Room 2 » Broadway Originals
Fargo Stay Pricing

So, if you’re planning a weekend getaway not too far from Hyderabad, check out Fargo. The pricing is INR 5,666 (inclusive of taxes) upwards for two, and if you’re traveling with a group of four or six, the prices can go from INR 16,999 to INR 20,199.

Do note that the prices can vary between weekdays and weekends.

Fargo Container Farmhouse Gallery


The stay can also accommodate groups of 10 and they recommend getting in touch with them for bookings.

We would like to present The Fargo’s experience in Kaushik’s words – “Come experience my vision of the world and hit the road of off-grid spirit


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