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Despite the burgeoning café culture in Sainikpuri, The Coffee Cup is a personal favorite of mine among local coffee connoisseurs. But, despite intense competition from other new coffee shops in town, have you ever wondered what makes the café so successful?

On weekends, the Sainikpuri stretch boasts plenty of new eateries, and the neighborhood is bustling with activity.

During the holidays, it has become nearly impossible to get seating at any of these cafés, for everyone from teenagers, couples, and families to large groups celebrating birthdays and other special occasions.

The café is well-known not only for its food, but also for its atmosphere, pleasant staff, literature, board games, and live events.

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Coffee Lovers Café In Sainikpuri

The Coffee Cup is widely recognized for establishing the café culture in Sainikpuri. “We started in 2010, and there were only one or two cafes in the region at the time. Since then, we’ve had our dedicated customers who have visited the café regularly.

In some ways, we welcome the addition of additional cafés since it benefits the market as a whole. People from all over the city are flocking to our side of town not only for restaurants but also to shop and invest in real estate,” says Venkat, the manager of The Coffee Cup.

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Things are returning to normal following the Covid-19 lockdowns and vaccinations, according to Venkat. “We never skimp on the quality of our cuisine or service.” Every 3 months, we continue to experiment with our menu, and we appreciate consumer comments.

Rice bowls and Neapolitan pizzas are new additions to the menu right now.

“We’ll be offering new desserts shortly,” Venkat says.

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A new Coffee Cup has opened directly across from the old one, and Venkat hopes to open more locations by 2022.

“Varun Sharma, the cafe’s proprietor, is responsible for the cafe’s interior design and superhero motif. It’s entirely his idea because he enjoys traveling and buying merchandise.

Many people come to our café because of the atmosphere,” he adds.

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Address: 1st Floor, E89, Gokul Nagar Rd, behind BP Petrol Bunk, Lakshmipuram Colony, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad, Telangana 500062



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