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Best Sites For Buy And Sell Websites To Make Money Online

There are people who earn thousands of dollars with this business. What is website flipping you ask? It is as simple as any plain business. Just, in this case, you buy and sell websites instead of other physical goods.

For example, you come across an average website and buy it at nominal rates. Then you work a little on that website and sell it a profit.

This is the basic concept of website flipping.


What This Blog Is About?

  1. How to buy and sell websites

  2. Where to buy and sell websites

  3. Common practices to buy and sell websites

  4. Mistakes to avoid


Best Sites For Buy And Sell Websites To Make Money Online » Broadway Originals
Buy And Sell Websites To Make Money Online


1. How to buy and sell websites and make a Money out of it

Website flipping is a lucrative industry. However the investment costs can be pretty high. So, it is important that you learn all about this business before starting, to avoid a huge loss. Many newcomers just jump into the business of flipping without realizing about the initial investment, hosting costs, website profitability, current condition, how to improve it etc.

There are millions of websites in the world. Some of them are legendary, some are great, some are good and then come some which are poor in terms of quality and traffic. These websites sell for as low as a few hundred dollars and have a potential in them.

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Another advantage of buying an established website is that you will not have to work on indexing, SEO, etc. as much as you would have to, in making a new website. Many website owners might have great content on their website but do not have an in-depth knowledge of SEO, backlinks, and traffic so they might be willing to sell their website to you at a great price. You can also buy expired domains from popular domain selling websites.

Always check the spam score and website statistics before making a purchase. Remember, everything sells if you offer the right price.


buy and sell websites » Broadway Originals
Buy And Sell Websites To Make Money Online


Next comes the improvement part. Once you have bought a website you just optimize, optimize and optimize. So, Now Work on on- & off-page SEO factors to rank the website and build quality backlinks. Invest some money in website designing and voila, your site is ready for sale.

The last part is to decide a price for the website and sell this website to the right client. The price should be inclusive of the initial investment and your efforts in improving the website.


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2. Where Can You List Your Websites For Flipping?

There are many online websites where you can list your websites for selling or flipping but it is important to find trusted sites which keep a control on scamsters and fake profiles.

1. Sedo Auctions

Sedo Auctions » Broadway Originals


Sedo auctions is an online marketplace wherein you can list your website and buyers can bid on it. The listing is free on this site. However, you need to pay a small commission to the website if and when someone buys your website. They also offer domain appraisal services in case you want to know the right price for your website.

2. Flippa

Flippa » Broadway Originals


Flippa was designed with the sole purpose of becoming an online platform for buying and selling websites. You can also feature your website on the front landing page of Flippa by paying a nominal fee. Flippa is currently one of the most popular websites to buy and sell websites online.

3. Digital Point forum

Digital Point forum » Broadway Originals


Digital point forum is more of a forum which connects sellers with interested and genuine buyers through location-based threads. They also list ad spaces, domains, services, and website templates so all the members of this forum are inclined towards digital businesses.

4. Buy Sell Website

Buy Sell Website » Broadway Originals


Buy sell website is premium website buyer and seller website which charges upwards of 50$ to list your website for sale. They also assist you in the appraisal of your website so that you can get the best price. One advantage of listing your website for sale on Buy Sell Website is that your site will feature on their homepage on a rotating basis so it gets more exposure.

5. Website Broker

Website Broker » Broadway Originals


Website broker is an easy to use online marketplace which assists buyers and sellers in dealing with websites. It was founded in 1997, so the team and support staff have plenty of experience in dealing with common issues. You can buy fully developed websites and sell any new websites on this portal easily. They do not take any commission and you can also edit your listing at any given point in time.

Some other good websites where you can list your website for sale include Namepros, Ebay Auctions, Deal A, etc. All of the websites listed above are good and reliable in terms of seller and buyer protection and prices.


Best Practices for website Selling and Buying

– For buying websites:

1. Analyze the history of a domain and its traffic statistics in detail.

2. Always go for a website which has a low spam score and high-quality content.

3. Do not buy websites without working out an optimization strategy for it. Most people delay this step and then regret after buying the website.

4. Make a bid only if you are interested in buying a website. You are legally bound to buy that website if the seller accepts your proposal.

5. Make sure that the seller is verified and has good ratings and reviews from buyers./p>

– For Selling websites:

1. Set a reasonable asking price for your website even if you leave it open to buyers to offer the best price.

2. Be transparent in your dealings and share the website’s statistics with interested buyers to gain their trust. Buyers are more interested in buying an average website from a reliable seller than a good website from a seller who shies away from sharing the basic details.

3. Work on improving your ratings in the marketplace. Request your buyers to leave a review if they like your services.

4. Check the commission a marketplace is charging for each sale.


Common mistakes not to make:

Some of the most common mistakes that people commit in website flipping include:

1. Buying a domain with any other extension than .com – Most buyers only look for a .com TLD so it is important that you invest in that only or redirect other extensions to a .com domain using 301 redirects.


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2. Selling a domain without counting in the optimization costs – In the hurry for listing a website for sale, most sellers list their website at a lower rate without including the costs a website incurred after they bought it.

3. Not reading the description of the website and buy it by looking at the name – This is important for both buyers and sellers that you read the description listed under the website details. This gives important information about the value of the domain.

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Now that you know all about website flipping, it is time to flip and earn thousands of dollars in profit by just buying and selling websites on any of these online marketplaces. If you have any questions, comment below and let us know.


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