Black Widow 2021 Movie Review

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Positives: Lets start there, why not.

So This film feels like it is held together on the performances of Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh and Dave Harbour – the latter two especially.

The dynamic of their mismatched ‘family’ is fun to watch, and actually has a lot of heart. Luckily, this runs throughout the whole film, because without it, I think it’d be completely forgettable.

The opening is fantastic, and immediately gave me Winter Soldier vibes. Safe to say, I was excited for a darker spy/espionage movie…

Black Widow 2021 Movie Review

The cons: …Sadly that movie never came.

What starts great, quickly descends into stock standard Marvel-style drivel. The plot is fairly predictable, and the characters ‘plans’ are incredible dumb.

Some of the action scenes are okay, but most are ruined with quick cuts that make everything feel like watching marbles going through a blender.

Worst still, is the total underutilization of the characters abilities.

At one stage we’re told Pughs character is the best assassin in the world …but we’re never shown that?

We’re told Black Widow is the best spy in the world… but she doesn’t do any spy work throughout the film?

Worst yet, they had Taskmaster – a character with such an amazing and formidable ability, but they squander it for stock standard fight scenes we’ve scene a million times.

Overall: Like I say, It’s enjoyable enough to warrant a watch, but it could have been so much more with a little bit of competence.

Black Widow 2021 Movie Review

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