Best Ways To Make Money Online 2020

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List of Online Job Options:

All these ways are 100% legitimate and authentic, so you don’t have to worry about any scams.

Let’s begin.

1. Youtube channel

Are you good at cooking videos, carrying out pranks on your friends, making covers of songs, or you have any other skills for that matter? Then, this is the option among part time online jobs without investment you should go for.

You need to find your interest and work on it and think of making Youtube your full-time career.

Remember YouTube is all about creativity, there are many people out there who have the same content or skills as you, it is up to you how you showcase your content in a unique manner which will attract more audience and make you stand out of the crowd.

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2. Blogging

Do you have a good flare of writing? Then consider this option of part time online jobs without investment is made for you. To get started, you are first required to have your own website/blog which can be obtained by taking a domain name. if you are a beginner then you should go for WordPress as it is very easy to use.

You can become a professional blogger and easily make money by doing this option of part online jobs without investment sitting in the comforts of your home, but for that, you have to find your niche which will work for you.

Provide online classes to students

In a digital world like today, students are always on their phones and laptops trying to find a solution to a problem or a tutorial. This is another booming industry where if you always wanted to teach or you wanted to share your knowledge with the ones who will eventually become the future of the country, then this is the best option for part time online jobs without investment.

You can conduct online classes either through youtube, making your own website, or getting yourself enrolled with an online classes website.

You will be making money by sitting in the comfort of your house and also without spending any money.

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3. Sell pictures online

Do you love clicking pictures? Then you can money with this passion of yours by selling those online.

You can take photos using your mobile camera or a DSLR. You have no limitations, you can take pictures of any subject whether it is food, people, nature, different cultures, flowers, etc

Then after you have clicked, you can then post it on websites. The most popular one is Whenever someone will buy your pictures you will get paid and this is how you can easily get paid even without any investment.

You can also make this option of part time online jobs without investment as your full time if you are a professional photographer. This method will work for both professionals and beginners.

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4. Start an Affiliate Marketing

If you are new to this terminology, then let me explain it to you. It is a process where you as an influencer sell other people’s/company’s products and later earn a commission when people buy that product using your link. There are many companies that will offer you to advertise their products such as – Amazon, Flipkart, clothing companies, Lenskart, etc. All you have to do is promote their products and generate maximum sales for them. The product can be either digital or physical.

Open E-commerce website

Nowadays people prefer shopping online than going out and wasting time and still come back with nothing. Today you can open an e-commerce website and sell your products which is far better than opening a shop physically as you save a lot of money and you have no limitations. You can also ship your products abroad, which is why e-commerce is flourishing so much in this era of digitalization.

There are many e-commerce digital platforms where you can open your website. The most popular is

You can easily tie-up with them and sell using your online venture.

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5. Content writing

Anyone who has a flair for writing can get into this profession or become a professional content writer and earn money online. If you have an interest in writing articles or you already have been writing blogs then this is the best option among various part time online jobs without investment.

Writing is the most powerful tool, as you can share your views with the world, and this field is the legitimate way for you to enter this online money-making industry.  This job is open to anyone who can write whether you are a student, housewife, want to work part time.

6. Start freelancing jobs

If you have any skills like designing, writing, proofreading, etc. and you don’t want to join a 9-5 job then you can work as a freelancer interested in part time online jobs without investment. There are enough vacancies available for these online jobs. All you need is to search for some top freelancing sites.

Some of the top freelancing jobs are-

  • Accountant
  • Copywriter
  • Graphic Designer
  • PR manager
  • Professor
  • Programmer
  • Software developer
  • Technical writer
  • Web developer

7. Provide Business Consultations

If you have the required experience and knowledge in your field of work then you can easily start giving consultation services as there are many industries out there who like to take consultations from experts to boost up their performance.

In order to get noticed you need to first make your own website, where you can showcase yourself and your profile, another option is you can join freelancing sites and lastly you can also join Linkedln which is the most powerful tool through which you can get clients. You can also use Facebook to promote yourself as a secondary medium.

8. Virtual Assistant

Just so if you don’t know what exactly a virtual assistant is, he/she is generally self- employed who provides departmental, technical, or creative help to clients from their home. There are endless opportunities in this area of work where several companies are always on the lookout for employers who can do micro-tasks for them. You can be given any work depending on your skills. The work can range from- proof-reading, content marketing, researching, emailing, managing data of the company, etc.

9. Become a social media influencer

The above picture shows a YouTube channel of a social media influencer Zach King who is an internet personality and filmmaker who found fame through his vlogs and other videos, he now has over 21 million followers, all thanks to his stories that make people smile. He is listed in the top 10 social media influencers, you could be on the list too.

You might have seen the power of social media but directly connecting with the audience can provide you ample opportunities to scale up your revenue on a whole another level. You can build your fan base by doing various creative stuff. You can charge companies in exchange for their brand promotion, the amount will vary on many factors like- number of likes, followers, country, engagement, and so on.

10. Online surveys

Although, this method might be old now as compared to other options still it works and will pay you real money. There are many companies out there who are always looking for people who can give them feedback about customer behavior, their products which later will help them in rectifying their mistakes and will also help them in the increase of sales.

You can join such websites where you can easily earn money online by just filling the survey or giving your opinion.

As for the payout is concerned, it is pretty good and you can easily withdraw your earnings through PayPal.

11. Sell products on Amazon

Worried that you missed the E-commerce boat? Well, then Amazon has got your back. Amazon is a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to sell their products online and make money.

I will be listing down ways you can earn money online on Amazon-

  • The best way is by selling through private labels using Amazon’s FBA network.
  • You can also sell wholesome goods
  • Deliver goods for Amazon
  • Become a blogger and start affiliate marketing’
  • Become a remote employee for Amazon
  • Handcraft your items to sell it on Amazon Handmade
  • If you are a YouTuber too, then you can also sell your merch through Amazon

12. Make money by Stocks trading

Have an idea of the share market? Then you can spend some time making money here. You will obviously need some investments, to begin with without which you won’t be able to buy and sell stocks of various companies which is the ultimate work in this job.

However, if you want to try your hand in this field and you don’t have the basic knowledge then I suggest you take some classes whether it be offline or online.

13. Make money from mobile applications

In a world of phones and laptops, you can easily turn your own smartphone for generating money. Ever wondered how do you get so many unknown messages? Well, there are people out there who do this work as their job which can be called “SMS sending jobs”. There are also many mobile applications through which you can earn money. Whatsapp is another new medium to earn money, as getting the attention of your clients and customers through WhatsApp is much easy. Providing timely support will also instill trust in your customers.

14. Final Thoughts

So, these are part time online jobs without investment. I hope that you find your way and thrive in whatever you choose! Whatever option you choose will help you learn and earn online at the same time.

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