Best Places To Visit In Ananthagiri Hills

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Ananthagiri Hills is located near the Vikarabad district of Telangana state in India and holds many things to visit that will take you to an amazing ride of nature. You can enjoy trekking, camping, and much more. So let’s start with the best places to visit in Ananthagiri Hills.


1. Katiki Waterfalls


Katiki Waterfalls » Broadway Originals


Just 9 km far from the city center, the Katiki waterfall is the best place for sightseeing. Live the amazing surrounding of hills and explore the incredible beauty of nature.


2. The Borra Hills and Caves


The Borra Hills and Caves » Broadway Originals


Discover the unusual place that you might not be seen yet in your life, the Borra hills and Caves are the major tourist attraction near Ananthagiri Hills that lies under the Araku Valley.


3. Araku Tribal Museum


Araku Tribal Museum » Broadway Originals


This incredible museum holds many things to explore like the culture, history, and fine arts from the tribal communities of Eastern hats.


4. Padmapuram Gardens


Padmapuram Gardens » Broadway Originals


This is the place that attracts every kind of tourist as it has plenty of tree huts that built with the height of around 10 feet from the ground level.


5. Musi River


Musi River » Broadway Originals


Live the amazing experience of boating in this beautiful river that is nearby Vikarabad which is a tributary river of Krishna River.


6. Tyda Park


Tyda Park » Broadway Originals


So, These incredible places near the Ananthagiri hills are must visit and will give you once in a lifetime experience.

So what are you waiting for just pack your bags and explore the beauty of nature.

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