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Best Adult Ad Networks & Platforms 2023 (Updated)


Do you have any idea how much money affiliate marketers are making from Adult websites? You won’t imagine that Adult sites are the most visited sites online. Also, the most searched and popular keyword or term. 

Earning Money From Adult Advertising Is A Goldmine For Publishers And Webmasters.

The adult or dating website generates more traffic than other health or food websites. You can get more traffic not only for your related products or services but any other product you want to.

You must be thinking about how do they do all this and make so much money. The answer is through adult ad networks. The top adult ad networks that we are going to talk about in detail assist them in driving more traffic organically by offering them required tools and ad ideas.

Adult ad networks help advertisers, publishers, and agencies in buying or selling internet traffic through their marketing solutions. The primary purpose of an ad network is an accumulation of ad space supply from publishers and co-coordinating it with advertiser demand.


List of Top 7 Adult Ad Networks & Platforms 2022


1. Clickadilla

Clickadilla is an innovative Ad network serving ads on over 50 000 websites and apps worldwide – both adult and mainstream, for over 8 years already. Besides classic banners and pops, it offers video (in-stream and out-stream), native, web push notifications, iOS notifications, in-page sticky ads and some other formats – all highly customizable for better conversion rate and publisher revenues.


Capture » Broadway Originals


Highlights of Clickadilla Ad network: 

  • Variety of innovative and effective ad formats
  • Quick NET7 payouts for publishers via Bitcoin, USDT, Wire transfer, Paxum, Paypal, Webmoney, Capitalist and Perfect Money 
  • RTB supply and demand platforms available for OpenRTB, XML and JSON integrations
  • Referral program for publishers and advertisers

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Advertiser Sign-Up:

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2. Adsterra

Adsterra is a superior adult Ad network serving 25 billion-plus geo-targeted ad impressions monthly. And links product and service companies to their audience through their astute advertising platform to increase brand cognizance worldwide, enhance ROI, and expand ad income.

It makes use of popunder re-targeting, offering the most effective results with its self-serving platform. 

The publishers get an advantage with high CPM rates, safe ads, valid ad formats, and timely payments.

Highlights of Adsterra Ad network:


  • 100% fill rate
  • Mobile and web ad formats
  • NET15 policy for payments thru Bitcoin, Wire transfer, Paxum, Paypal, Webmoney and ePayments
  • 5% referral program for publishers
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3. ExoClick

ExoClick Ad Network is the 4th biggest ad network in the world by W3Techs. It serves over 7 billion geo-targeted ads daily, to an international network of 65,000 web/mobile publisher platforms.

Data gets refreshed every minute, and 24/7 customer service offers full assistance to the users. ExoClick’s API lets developers create their own tailored software add-ons for programmatic procedures on this platform.

The publishers get on-time payments, SaaS technology, fluid player, Adblock solution, and an attractive referral program.


Highlights of ExoClick Ad network:


  • 100% fill rate.
  • Weekly or monthly via Paypal, Paxum, ePayments, and WebMoney.Cryptocurrency or Wire Transfer.
  • Web and mobile formats.
  • A free, open-source HTML video player Fluid to use.
  • $20 minimum payout.
  • CPS, CPM, POP models.
  • NeverBlock is a tested ad block solution.
  • 5% commissions on referral program.

4. AdXXX

With over ten years of experience in the online advertising market, AdXXX is a great platform to make money. They operate several successful CPA projects. This Network is one of the groundbreakers in native promotion in the adult industry.


AdXXX » Broadway Originals

AdXXX advertisers get 969 million ad views daily with real-time bidding systems, native ad buying platforms, ideal traffic targeting, dedicated support, and easy account top-up. The publishers increase their CPM by five times through their global coverage, quick integration, and weekly payments.

Highlights of ADXXX Ad network:

  • Coverage in 6 continents, 180+ countries
  • 100% buy-out of advertising space
  • It takes 5 minutes to install and is compatible with all devices and platforms
  • 500+ M clicks processed monthly
  • Weekly payments via Paxum, PayPal, ePayments, Webmoney, Wire
  • 5% referral commissions
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5. Juicy Ads

JuicyAds has been awarded Company of the Year at the 2019 YNOT Awards for Traffic Services. Today, they have over 105000 active accounts and 222,000+ NETWORK WEBSITES.

Juicy Ads » Broadway Originals


Being Sexy is their corporate policy, and JuicyAds is the stellar monetization solution for your Publisher websites. It is an outlet for Publishers to expand their proceeds by selling ad space to Advertisers. They do Banner Ads, Native Advertising, and PopUnders. 

An advertiser can work with them on a self-service or full-service basis. They were ranked as one of the Top 10 Advertising Networks globally by W3 Techs because of their committed network, traffic, and customer support.

All advertisers can access standard anti-fraud systems, effective targeting through all devices, operating systems, geo-locations, etc. To measure revenues, you get pixel trailing technology and customized S2S Postback systems to check your ROI, instant placement, and dedicated account managers.


Highlights of JuicyAds Ad network:


  • Fully-optimized banners for all devices
  • Exclusive marketplace 
  • CPC, POP, Adult, and CPM payment models
  • IAB Standard banner sizes
  • Maximum exposure via popunder ads
  • Spam-free ad
  • $25 minimum payout
  • Weekly, bi-monthly and monthly payments
  • Payments through PayPal, Payza, Paxum, Cheque, and wire

6. PopAds

PopAds is another powerful and smart ad network with instant solutions. It is the prizewinning paying advertising network specially designed for popunders on the Internet.


PopAds » Broadway Originals

Advertisers can simply set their budget, target visitors, and control the rates. The quality of campaigns is excellent and comes with an advanced anti-fraud system.

PopAds offers lots of targeting choices: category, keyword, location, and time. You will be offered fair rates, support, and quick payouts. The publishers get to work on liberal terms, real-time stats, and safe and super fast payments.

Highlights of PopAds Ad network:

  • Advertisers in 40 countries, including North America, Southern Asia, India, Western Europe, and Australia.
  • Full control overworking and implementing features
  • Get paid with PayPal or AlertPay account within 24 hours
  • Support via email and messenger
  • 10% commission on referrals

7. HillTopAds

They provide the best performing ad formats to fit the up-to-the-minute industry and technology drifts. It deals with display banners, push notifications, native ads, video ads, pops, and direct links.

HillTopAds » Broadway Originals

The attributes that make HillTopAds stand out from the rest are- direct traffic from publishers, advanced targeting, no blocked impressions, detailed analytics, eCPM real-time optimization, self-service for advertisers, 24/7 qualified reports, ad networks rotation for publishers, and no additional fees. 

Highlights of HillTopAds Ad network:

  • 30% more effective brands
  • Get paid weekly via Bitcoin, ePayments, Webmoney, Wire, ePayService, and Paxum
  • Monetize web and mobile traffics
  • Works on all niches, be it gaming, dating, adulting, etc.
  • Clean ads and detailed reports
  • Competitive CPM rates
  • Verified traffic and self-serve platform
  • 5% commission on referrals
  • $50 minimum payout



One can use these adult ad networks to increase your website’s ROI. For better working and results, use ad mediation services like AdSpyglass, in which publishers can connect themselves to all the adult ad networks given above and gather the profits that each can offer.

AdSpyGlass will, by default, pick the lucrative offers from the best ad networks. It shows the higher CPM rate on your site. Therefore, a platform like AdSpyGlass boosts revenue up to 100%. 

I hope you will utilize these top adult ad networks in 2021 to boost your ROI. So, are you all set to monetize your marketing campaigns with these top adult ad networks?

If you have any questions in mind, feel free to comment below. 

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