Beautiful Gong Shim K-Drama Review: Watched Only For Namgoong Min, Wasted Potential

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Beautiful Gong Shim K-Drama Review

Director: Baek Soo-chan and Nam Tae-jin

Cast: Namkoong Min, Bang Min-ah, On Joo-wan and Seo Hyo-rim

Episodes: 20

Streaming: Viki


This drama is about the Love story of two sisters and two men. The older sister has everything, including a beautiful appearance, and the younger sister only has a warm heart. One of the men lives on a rooftop apartment and the other man comes from a wealthy family.

Beautiful Gong Shim K-Drama Review:

After watching One Dollar Lawyer, Doctor Prisoner, and Good Manager, I became a fan of Namkoong Min. So, when I’m searching for another show from his filmography, I found this show. The premise look something different and got hooked.

This drama is stated to be a comedy, romance, and whatnot. it started to be a good and enjoyable drama, and later you find it very predictable and the name of the drama has got nothing to do with the story.

This story is supposed to be about a girl finding herself, leaving to love herself, and teaching beauty is what’s on the inside. Yet, this drama is mostly about the convoluted story of a kidnapped child and contrived family politics.

Beautiful Gong Shim K-Drama
Beautiful Gong Shim K-Drama Review

The main characters are quirky and at first glance, you just expect a cute little romance that you can enjoy without much thought. I’ll also point out that the first few episodes included some of the most ridiculously funny moments I’ve ever experienced in any drama, so my expectations were incredibly high as the rest of the episodes came out.

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A little past halfway through it, though, the plot tried way too hard to be serious and suspenseful, thus losing its initial humorous merits. The feeling is somewhat like listening to your grandparents tell stories: at first, you’re pretty interested, but it quickly gets boring, yet you feel an obligation to sit there until the very last word.

I stopped finding things to laugh at. The romantic moments were less rewarding amid the mess of the conspiracy plot the writers drew up for no apparent reason. The characters deteriorated and lost every trait that made them unique.

If there were one redeeming aspect of this drama, I’d have to say that it’s Nam Goong Min. He’s the lead male with a fair amount of goofballs. He was a joy to watch, but his character was not spared in the enormous *let’s-make-everyone-generic* massacre.

Beautiful Gong Shim K-Drama Review
Beautiful Gong Shim K-Drama Review

Everyone else fulfilled their roles nicely, but Goong Min’s really the star of this show. (This is interesting, as I thought the directors would give Minah more of a spotlight but she dropped off the radar late into the drama. I could say less of the wig they made her wear though.)

Well, sadly as the story progressed Gong Shim and her dreams and aspirations fell further and further into the background. Ahn Dan Tae seemingly completely took over and the missing heir storyline derailed the quirky, funny rom-com into another chaebol- inheritance-family-drama.

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Plot threads were pretty unceremoniously dropped and a drama where the name of the main character is in the title was no longer about the main character at all, suddenly she was the third lead instead of the first.

This is not due to Minah’s acting, she was perfectly fine and her Gong Shim is a character I will continue to like, but it seems decisions were made to make the chaebol- inheritance plot the most important.

K-Drama Review Beautiful Gong Shim
Beautiful Gong Shim K-Drama Review

Plus the drama broke up the bromance for too long, the humor faded away and Gong Shim made some really weird choices that put her in danger and turned her into another brainless heroine. I want characters to make at least somewhat logical choices, so I can understand if not empathize. altogether, they were nice to listen to.

Verdict: Beautiful Gong Shim K-Drama Review

This is a drama of wasted potential. It didn’t know if it wanted to be a rom-com, a melodrama, or a thriller. I won’t say I regret watching it because it was cute and funny enough to be worth it. However, I will say that the majority of the drama was a waste of time.

Watch casually and skip all the nonsense…unless you’ve never seen a K- Drama before or are relatively new to the drama scene…then you will probably be able to enjoy the plot.

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