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Apps That Pay For Referrals

A fantastic way to generate some side cash is through referral programs. You only need to recommend the apps to your friends or relatives to start earning money.

The other individual can be a friend, acquaintance, or even your coworker. It’s proven that word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most effective methods of promoting a product.

Some businesses use the referral system for advertising their goods to large audiences. Several top referrals and earn applications available on the market that use original methods to reward or motivate users to recommend their products or services to others.

Other times, the reward takes the form of money on an app. Other times, the reward is a further discount on shopping or utilizing the service.

One of the most tempting aspects of referral marketing is that it is one of the most economical ways to sell your goods and build brand recognition.

Also You can grow your business with the correct time and the appropriate technological tools, but you also need to reward the people in the chain with a strong referral system because it may help you constantly obtain more business.


What is referral marketing?

Regrettably, there are a lot of falsehoods out there about referrals and refer-and-earn apps. Therefore, let’s first clarify what it genuinely means.

Referrals are when a customer recommends a service or product to a person he knows. Referrals are a tool for business promotion that raises brand awareness and boosts website traffic.

A system that monitors referrals and their profits is crucial. The demand to maintain track of transactions to compensate the deserving referrer is one of the shortcomings of the finest Referral Apps To Earn Money.

With the advent of smartphones and computer systems, building referral networks has generally been simple.


List of 10 Best Apps That Pay For Referrals

The most useful and well-known apps for referral marketing currently accessible to customers are included below.

1. Paytm Money
2. Upstox
3. PhonePe
4. Google Pay
5. Amazon Pay
7. MobiKwik
8. Meesho
9. Winzo
10. OneCode

And The software programs they offer typically have a dashboard where you can easily track all of your transactions and, therefore you can keep an eye on your referrals and earnings.

Here are some of the Top Apps That Pay For Referrals available in India. You can be confident that all of the apps on this list are secure and entirely legitimate because it was carefully vetted after a thorough investigation.


1. Paytm Money

It is a discount broker application with the best referral system and attractive pricing. Also The best thing is that their brokerage is fixed but inexpensive, which appeals to day traders and speculators.

If you have never invested before and know very little to nothing about the stock markets, However, Paytm Money might be a good place to start.

Paytm Money
paytm refer and earn

Therefore, All you need to do to use the app is create an account with the Paytm app, which is a fairly straightforward process. You must then use the same login information to access the Paytm Money software.

How to use the Referral Program
  • Download and install the One Code software application.
  • Register by creating an account.
  • Click on the ‘Brands’ option.
  • Use the ‘Demat Account’ option to create an account with Paytm Money.
  • Undergo the familiarization steps and successfully answer the questions that follow.
  • Now tap on the ‘Share Now” button to generate the link to be shared with friends.
  • Done! Once the person receiving the link signs up for a trading account on Paytm Money, the cashback will be credited to the user’s account.
Terms and conditions 
  • The offer is valid only for new users.
  • The account and the mobile number from where the registration is done must be linked to the AADHAR.
  • The new user must complete the formalities and invest sums of money in the first 90 days to have 300 rupees earning
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2. Upstox

In the Indian capital markets, mutual funds and shares are traded using the Upstox software. By signing up for the product and dispersing the referral code among friends, it is also possible to participate in the Upstox referral program. One of the top referral and earn programs in India is this one.

» Broadway Originals

The referral commission, which is 200 rupees for each member, is credited by Upstox.  And For the first referral to receive the amount of money in their account, the new trader must complete the necessary paperwork and open a trading account.

The referral system 
  • Download the Upstox app and install it on your mobile phone.
  • Create a trading account by following the steps laid out and uploading the necessary documents.
  • Once the account has been created and uploads the necessary documents, the user has to navigate to the profile icon on the dashboard.
  • Click on the Refer and Earn tab.
  • It generates the referral link that is shared on WhatsApp numbers or groups or as an SMS.
  • Once your friends click on the link sent to them and create an account with Upstox, the 200 rupees will be credited to your account.
  • On an investment of sums of money in the new account, the original referrer gets to earn an extra 100 rupees.
  • The Upstox dashboard updates a user’s referral earning by going to the ‘Referrals’ tab.


3. PhonePe

A fantastic refer and earn program with an intuitive UI that allows you to quickly transfer money from your bank to any account.

Through this app, you can pay for a variety of things, including bills, investments, in-game purchases, gold, and much more. Bank transfers are just the beginning.

Phonepe Refer And Earn » Broadway Originals
Phonepe Refer And Earn

In India, Google Pay is the most used UPI app, with this one coming in second.

Therefore, Your PhonePe wallet will be credited with Rs.125 for each successful referral.  Also You will get Your referral earnings quickly and easily transferred to your account. For iOS and Android, download Phonepe


4. Google Pay

Previously known as Tez, Google Pay was bought by the company and is now available.

It makes it possible for users to conduct simple financial transactions through their mobile phones. Numerous options exist for money transfers. Thanks to this fantastic app, transferring money across accounts has never been easier.

Google Pay Referral
Google Pay Referral

Also Google Pay offers scratch cards for any transaction that costs more than Rs.150, customers prefer it. They offer a great refer and earn program, although it occasionally changes.

Previously, they were paying Rs.201 for a reference; now, the referral commission rate ranges from Rs.150 to Rs.180 per referral. Install Google Pay on your iOS or Android device.


5. Amazon Pay

Almost everyone has heard of Amazon. The largest online store in the world, Amazon, offers just about anything.

The fast and secure checkout process on is made possible by the online payment service Amazon Pay. Worldwide, hundreds of millions of Amazon customers use it.

amazon pay refer and earn » Broadway Originals
Amazon pay refer and earn

One of the top referral programs at Amazon Pay. A Rs.75 payback will be credited to your Amazon Pay Balance if you recommend a friend to Amazon Pay and they sign up using your link.

Please keep in mind that your friend must use Amazon Pay for their initial transaction. The best part is that your friend will also receive a reward of 125 rupees in their account.

Therefore, You should be aware of whether or not the individual you recommend for Amazon Pay already has an Amazon UPI account.

Also You won’t get paid if they already have an account or if the initial transaction fails. They must finish their first transaction, which entails making a payment.


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Users of the app can pay with their credit cards and manage them. People favor Cred because it allows them to keep an eye on all credit card transactions and track spending. 

Therefore, Users of iOS and Android devices can download this software for use on their phones, and it is completely free to do so.

cred refer and earn
cred refer and earn

Also, you receive benefits for making on-time credit card payments, this is one of the finest Apps That Pay For Referrals. These points can be used to earn a variety of the app’s listed things.

And Cred App also assists in locating any unauthorized withdrawals from your account that you would have overlooked otherwise.

Therefore, Every referral earns you 10 cred coins, which you can exchange for gift cards to Uber, Flipkart, and Amazon. They each pay with vouchers for 1000, 500, and 150 rupees.


7. MobiKwik

It is a payment software that gives users the option to invest in mutual funds, buy stock, pay bills online, and buy digital gold, among other things.

Also they just launched a program called “refer and earn” in which they give Rs.50 as a signup incentive and Rs.20 per referral if your referral starts introducing friends.

mobikwik refer and earn » Broadway Originals
mobikwik refer and earn

Therefore, You can receive an additional Rs.100 cashback in your wallet if you recommend that your friends transfer money from their MobiKwik wallets to their banks.

The maximum income cap has been fixed at Rs.1500. Simply download it to your phone, register for an account using your cell number, link your bank account, and set up your UPI pin to start using one of the top Apps That Pay For Referrals.

For iOS and Android, download MobiKwik.


8. Meesho

One of the greatest applications in India for earning money through product referrals and resale is referred and earn.

Meesho is also referred to be India’s top reselling software, and it allows you to make money both by reselling things and through referrals. People can drop ship things with this reseller software.

Meesho 1 » Broadway Originals

Also, You earn a commission by selling Meesho products to your clients, which is a rather straightforward process.

Therefore, You get money by recommending friends to the Meesho app and getting paid for each sale they make. By selling Meesho products, you can make up to Rs. 25,000 per month. You can also get money by completing daily tasks.

The Meesho app is available for iOS and Android.


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9. Winzo

Users can play this entertaining game program and earn a variety of fascinating awards and prizes.

You’ll be shocked to learn that they provide more than 70 games, including fantasy cards, arcades, casual, racing, action, and many more.

Winzo » Broadway Originals

One of the top Apps That Pay For Referrals only requires the user to take part in a challenge or tournament and respond to all questions accurately within the allotted time to win.

Therefore, It features a fantastic referral scheme that allows you to make Rs.100 for each referral that signs up for the network using your link.

Also, There is no earning cap, so the more people you refer, the more money you can make.

There is a Rs.3 minimum withdrawal threshold.


10. OneCode

One of the greatest Apps That Pay For Referrals in India, it allows you to make an endless amount of money by simply introducing users to the app. Every user also receives a unique promo code from them.

As a result, if consumers buy your discount code, you gain a fixed percentage of the sale.

Since there is no membership cost, you do not need to make any investments, and the good news is that your earning potential is limitless.

OneCode » Broadway Originals

Numerous well-known brands, including Dineout, Bewakoof, Mydreanstore, etc., are connected to them. You can make between Rs.200 and Rs.1000 in Paytm cash by introducing friends to certain services or goods.

When you make money, it is immediately credited to your account.


Conclusion: is it legit? 

Most referral-based marketing initiatives are considered to be acceptable by businesses. However, certain pyramiding techniques that pass for referral programs should be avoided by users.

Consider the scenario when huge sums of money that are perceived as being out of proportion to a person’s system benefits are provided. It is best to double-check them in that situation.

Like any other system, some folks also misuse the referral marketing systems. Therefore, This leads to lesser pay-offs and, with it, sometimes the cost of litigation. The best refer and earn apps are the simplest to administer and monitor. It is best to keep them uncluttered as well.



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