Best Adventure Sports Activities in Hyderabad That Will Increase Your Heart Rate

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Hyderabad is one of the Indian cities with the most rapid expansion. In addition to being a center for IT, it also has so Best Adventure Sports Activities in Hyderabad that you will never forget.

Hyderabad’s Charminar, Golconda fort, Chowmahalla palace, and other top attractions are just a few. Try adventure sports in Hyderabad if you’re looking for more. There are so many choices available that you will be overwhelmed.

Adventure Sports Activities in Hyderabad

You can find the top adventure sports in Hyderabad on this list. This checklist can be used to have a fantastic time in Hyderabad.


1. Ziplining

The activity of zip lining involves being carried from one location to another while being attached to a cable. Helmets and other safety precautions are used to make zip-lining safe.

ziplining in hyderabad » Broadway Originals

One of the most popular adventure activities in Hyderabad is this. This type of adventure sport is primarily seen in hilly terrain. To take advantage of all of this, one need not travel very far. These kinds of adventure activities are readily available in Hyderabad.

Location: The Great Hyderabad Adventure Club
Price: Starts from INR 1000 per person


2. Gun Shooting

When you were younger, you might have enjoyed shooting balloons at the beach, but as you get older, you’d prefer to practice your accuracy in real time. You can improve your shooting skills in any of the many shooting ranges in and around Hyderabad. 

Gun Shooting in hyderabad 1 » Broadway Originals

The firearms are expertly loaded and pointed at the carefully layered target. The cost of the shooting activity is extremely affordable. Even though one may not immediately master the art of it, practice will help one quickly pick up the tactics.

Location: SAAS Shooting Range
Price: Starts from INR 1000 per person for training


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3. Sailing

Take the rides on the waterways of Hyderabad if you want to unleash your inner sailor. Even when traveling in calm waters, yachts give passengers the sensation of being at sea. 

At Durgam Cheruvu, youngsters above eight can now take lessons in various water sports, including kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, and stand-up paddle boarding 

Best Adventure Sports Activities in Hyderabad
SailingBest Adventure Sports Activities in Hyderabad

There are a few yacht clubs in and near Hyderabad that provide you with this life-changing experience. In addition to the sunset kayaking that the facility provides as a leisure activity for people interested in water sports, these activities are available. 

The price for kayaking is Rs. 1,400 per session and Rs. 5,600 for five sessions. The cost for surfing and stand-up paddle boarding is also the same. In contrast, the cost of sailing is Rs. 9,500 for 12 sessions.

Address: Rd Number 46, Masthan Nagar, CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

4. Paragliding

One of the best adventure sports in Hyderabad is paragliding. If one has the correct mindset, one can enjoy the ride. When paragliding, the pilot launches from the foot and jumps into the air. The paraglider floats in the air because of its fabric structure. 

Best Adventure Sports Activities in Hyderabad

The equipment is not very expensive. Compared to parasailing, paragliding offers a greater rush because it completely depends on the seeker’s level of readiness. Because trainers will be with them, beginners need not be concerned. The players receive the lifeguards.

Location: Banjara Hills
Price: Starts from INR 1000 per person


5. Surfing

There’s no need to worry if you enjoy watching foreign films and television shows and have always wanted to learn how to surf. Hyderabad has its surfing club to provide this heart-pounding sport for all ardent surfers.

Best Adventure Sports Activities in Hyderabad
SurfingBest Adventure Sports Activities in Hyderabad

The feeling of being on a real beach in a man-made park is a reality thanks to clear waters and surfboards that can be rented. The wave pools in Leonia are the best made and have high water pressure to surprise you as the real waves do.

Amazingly knowledgeable and patient instructors teach students how to balance to ride the waves.

Location: Leonia
Price: Starts from INR 2000 per person for two days


6. Kayaking

If you like paddling on the water, kayaking is a great activity. The majority of the boats have motors. The metal boats are substantial in size. One must don a life jacket before getting into a kayak and taking a ride in the water.

Best Adventure Sports Activities in Hyderabad

The kayaks are typically flat-bottomed and inflated with air. As a result of the way the kayaks are made, one need not worry about their tipping over.

Also, The kayaks are made exclusively for adventure and cannot accommodate too many people at once. In calm seas, kayaking is practiced. Hyderabad has many freshwater reservoirs where kayaking is permitted.

Location: Kotpally Freshwater Reservoir
Price: Starts from INR 500 per person


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7. Paintball

The arena seems quiet. Too quiet. You sneak up to the corner, strain your ears and pick up the sound of muffled footsteps. The second you turn the corner, you realize it’s a trap.

Best Adventure Sports Activities in Hyderabad

The area is empty, you swivel around to see two enemy soldiers rushing towards you. Your mind processes the threat at light speed, before you consciously make the decision, your finger pulls the trigger.

A yell of surprise follows the burst of green paint that hits them square in the chest. You pull off your mask, joining in the laughter. Over the sound of cheering from the viewing gallery, you hear your team chant your name with a new title- Paintball King

Location: Odyssey Wonder
Price: Starts from INR 400 for 5 hours per person


8. Boating

In Hyderabad, there are numerous locations for adventure sports. One of those adventure sports that is not too dangerous and can be enjoyed by the entire family is boating. Hyderabad has a lot of parks. Within the parks, there are both natural and man-made lakes. 

Best Adventure Sports Activities in Hyderabad
BoatingBest Adventure Sports Activities in Hyderabad

A surprising feature is the Hussain Sagar Lake, which includes a massive and towering Buddha Statue in the middle of the lake. Parks also provide boating at a reduced cost.

Huge boats inside the parks may transport an entire family at once on a lake ride. Boating is a better option if you want to enjoy adventure activities with the entire family, regardless of age.

Location: Lumbini Park
Price: Starts from INR 250 per person for a ferry ride


9. Trekking

Trekking entails discovering uncharted territory. Depending on the region, trekking can be finished in a day or a half. Trekking aids in bringing out one’s spirit of adventure. 

Trekking in hyderabad » Broadway Originals

One of the best things to do in the hills and other difficult terrains outside of Hyderabad is trekking. Hyderabad is surrounded by many hills and other mountainous areas.

Additionally, certain terrains are kept up by individual landowners. Trekking is far more enjoyable than hiking because it is done on natural terrain. In the highlands, there is also a wonderfully cool climate to appreciate.

Location: Medak Fort
Price: One needs to pay a certain price to the trekking organizer


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10. Zorbing

One of the more popular adventure sports in recent years in Hyderabad is zorbing. It entails stepping inside an orb and gliding around a level surface. As one rolls inside the sphere, it is far too exhilarating to be able to tell the difference between the sky and the ground. Inside an orb, one can stay there for around 45 minutes. 

Zorbing in hyderabad » Broadway Originals

One need not worry about breathing difficulties inside an orb because the inner chamber is made to allow air to seep in. In Hyderabad, there are also options for aqua zorbing, which is much more exciting. Unquestionably, one of Hyderabad’s best outdoor adventure sports is zorbing.

Location: Shilparamam
Price: Starts from INR 700 for 1 hour per person


11. Bungee Jumping

The activity of bungee jumping is a terrific way to experience an adrenaline rush. Before it was introduced in all of India’s main amusement parks, this sport gained considerable notoriety abroad. In popular tourist destinations with natural settings, there are numerous bungee jumping locations. 

Bungee Jumping in hyderabad » Broadway Originals

However, many people are averse to bungee jumping in a natural setting. On the weekends, indoor bungee jumping parks are fantastic places to decompress. The bungee jumpers’ safety is greatly enhanced by the artificial environment. Additionally, safety netting is placed beneath to make sure nobody is wounded.

Location: Leonia
Price: Starts from INR 2000 per person for two days


12. Go Karting

One of India’s most well-liked sports is go-karting now. This is a popular weekend activity for many people. The best sport for friendly competition with friends is this one. In and around Hyderabad, there are numerous top-notch go-kart tracks.

Go Karting in hyderabad » Broadway Originals

Trainers and marshals are available, and the tracks are kept in good condition. The price of go-karts varies depending on the type of kart and track, and there are different types available, including single and double. Additionally, tracks are available for hourly rental.

Location: Runway 9
Price: Starts from INR 250 for 6 laps


Hyderabad, the location of history, has been changing as well. Due to its rapid expansion, the city currently boasts a variety of modern conveniences, including adventure sports. Almost all adventure sports are available in Hyderabad. Plan a trip to Hyderabad, indulge in an adrenaline rush, and experience adventure to the fullest.


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