Adspyglass: Double Your Income With Highest CPM Ads

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An easy service to manage all ad networks in one place

+50% to your profit from ad networks
Change ad codes without editing your website template
Get detailed statistics for all your ads in Realtime
35 Advertising networks are already on AdSpyglass
Work with dozen best ad networks with a single Adspyglass account

Get payouts for all integrated ad networks directly from Adspyglass twice a month without any additional holds

Add your favorite ad network by request within 2 days
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Adspyglass Double Your Income

How will AdSpyglass increase my income?

  • AdSpyglass automatically compares offers from ad networks and only shows ads with the highest CPM.
  • AdSpyglass fills 100% of ad views. The more ad networks are in your list the more fill rate you have.
  • 5% Referral program for life for every referred partner.
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How to withdraw earnings from AdSpyglass

AdSpyglass receives money from ad networks and makes payouts to your account on the 10th and 25th of every month.

  • You may withdraw your earnings at any time with no hold.
  • The earnings from your ad network accounts are paid by the networks directly.

You may withdraw as little as $10 from your account.

  • The average min payout at any ad network is $50-$100, plus there is always a hold.
  • Integrating with AdSpyglass will give you the benefit of getting $10 payouts earned all together.
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Ad types and verticals » Broadway Originals

Ad types and verticals

AdSpyglass offers popular ad types

– Popunders
– Display banners
– Native banners
– Instant messages
– Direct links
– In-video (VAST)
– Slider (VAST)
– Push notifications
– In-page Push
– Interstitial

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Adspyglass Double Your Income » Broadway Originals
Adspyglass Double Your Income

How to set up AdSpyglass

Add your website to AdSpyglass service

  • Sign up and add the site in your personal account.
Link your ad networks’ accounts
  • Link your ad networks’ accounts or work with ad networks already integrated.
Import creatives from other ad networks
  • Import all your ad creatives from ad networks to AdSpyglass
Add AdSpyglass ad code to your website
  • Set codes on your website and get money
Register today and start getting up to +50% extra income!


Here is a list of the ad networks AdSpyglass works with – Ad Network List

We recommend waiting at least 2-3 days before comparing results (1 whole day). If you wait less than 2 days, there will not be enough GEO or income data to make an accurate comparison.

AdSpyglass can increase your profit by up to 100%. It can be more or less depending on your traffic type.

AdSpyglass supports all major ad networks
  • AdSpyglass only shows ads with the highest eCPM The service compares offers from ad networks automatically.
  • The service fills 100% of ad views. Your ad spots will be always full of ads and bring your the largest possible profit
More questions? find answers in  help section.

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