18 Again K-Drama Review: Deeply Emotional and A Powerful Performance From Lead

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18 Again K-Drama Review

Director: Ha Byung-hoon

Based On: 17 Again by Jason Filardi

Episodes: 16

Cast: Kim Ha-neul, Yoon Sang-hyun, and Lee Do- hyun.

Music: Jo Young-jik and Byun Ji-soo

Streaming: Netflix and MX Player


A 37-year-old Dae-young is on the verge of being divorced from Da Jung finds himself inside his 18-year-old body.

18 Again K-Drama Review:

18 Again is based on the Zac Efron movie 17 Again where a man gives up his dreams of becoming a basketball star when his high school girlfriend tells him she is pregnant with his twins. Like in the Western Movie, Hong Dae Young the main character gets a chance to become young again, (using a different plot the device of some magic tea) and enrolls in his old school where his kids are studying.

Unlike in the Western movie, this is a series so we get a LOT more backstory of how the parents met and what their relationship was like, also the emotional stakes are higher as revenge is less of a factor.

18 Again K-Drama Review
18 Again K-Drama Review

Story-wise, and acting-wise, in all respects this series is way better than the movie which is its inspiration. Hong Dae Young, the main character, does not seem like a bad man. How his customers treat him, a “mere” man who fixes their washing machines, was downright depressing.

Nobody offered him “water” except for one “special” old man who after berating him to fix a radio (which is not his job) offers to “fix” his life for him, leading to the body change. His kids lie to him all the time, and he spends more time drinking than talking to his wife and that’s why she wants a divorce.

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In the meantime, his career is going nowhere since his company promotes based on nepotism, not performance. You could say when he is given the chance for a do-over, he decides to live the life he COULD have had if he had not gotten married young. Who can blame him for making that decision?

Jung Da Jung, the wife, wants to divorce him because there is no more love in their marriage. It seems time does that to people. Also, she was depressed in her career as there is a lot of ageism, sexism, and even discrimination against working mothers and divorced people, especially in broadcast TV. She is the most skilled but it’s still an issue, even in 2020.

18 Again K-Drama Review
18 Again K-Drama Review

The kids also have their issues bullying, and ambitions not in line with parental expectations or unstated goals. The best friend Go Deok Jin is HILARIOUS, and this series is worth it alone for the big, epic, hilarious fight scene in episode 1 featuring Mjolnir and Captain America’s shield. The last Iron Man proposal scene was Epic.

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This is a brave series that deals with a lot of modern issues. It has its sweet moments, balanced with comedy, mega dramatic scenes, and wistful profound realizations. This series is one of the best when it comes to using flashbacks as a storytelling device, I’ve rarely seen any series employ them as beautiful.

In 18 Again, we see both sides of the coin with how teenage pregnancy is heavily looked down on and how it affects one’s career. At the same time, it also shows the importance of family. The soundtrack is wonderful and The Cinematography is too good.

Verdict:18 Again K-Drama

A great family drama well written with every episode filled with a high dose of and I enjoyed it from start to finish. This family drama is a gem of its kind with a very satisfactory ending which gives a nice closure to everyone.

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